Empower your sales force to achieve more!

Track on-field sales, distribution and marketing activities in a single place. Map primary and secondary sales under one solution for improved metrics and growth plans.

Increase your team’s productivity with a sales process that is driven by data and performance

Know your customers

  • Customer Verification

We run KYC authentication on users

Plan customer visits using data

  • Anticipate sales traffic

Schedule customer visits and allocate resources

Capture stock movement

  • Track your entire stock lifecycle

From inventory, to process statuses

Realtime Order Collection

  • Seamless order handling

Get notified of new orders in real time

Track shelf space and fill rate

  • Manage storage components

Aggregate stock levels and utilization

On-field marketing & research Insights

  • Get relevant data for analysis

All the insights you need in one place

  • Customized workflows
  • Secure platform (Microsoft Azure)
  • Integrations with Whatsapp/SMS providers (to communicate with customers)
  • Lite mobile app (120kb)
  • Geotagging & geofencing
  • Works offline as well
  • Integration with ERP & other solutions

Empower your sales force to achieve more!

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