Manage your business' online presence across platforms

Give customers more ways to find and connect with your business online

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Be found by your customers online with the help of our online management features

Turn online searches into sales

Turn searches into sales by giving your business a public identity. Woo your leads with a mobile friendly and search engine optimized website. Best of all, we’ve made it simple and easy for you to update the content of your website whenever you’d like without anyone’s assistance.

Generate orders online

With an e-store enabled website that you can setup in minutes and social media pages that display all your products and services, there’s no stopping you.

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Turn online visits to foot fall

Why limit your profile on single place when with the same effort, you can get customers from multiple platforms using Omnibiz. 

Manage and list your business profile on below platforms:


  • Google My Business
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Vconnect
  • Linkedin
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Track and build your brand reputation

With your entire online presence connected to one platform, we make it is easier for you to track reviews and ratings across the board. Not just that, you can also send emails and messages to new customers to request for more reviews.

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Manage your online presence on the go

Manage your online presence on the go


Most frequent questions and answers

Online Management system drive growth in your business by understanding your online audience, creating content they love, analyzing social media engagement and improving cross-channel care. Easily publish posts on multiple social media channels and manage all the activities from a single dashboard.

You can connect multiple social media accounts to your profile.

At the moment, Omnibiz can be connected with Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Linkedin and Vconnect.

Absolutely. Omnibiz allows you track engagement with your posts on connected social media accounts.

Yes. From Omnibiz, you can create and schedule posts to your social media accounts of choice.

Keywords are words that describe your business. Omnibiz keywords help you choose the most relevant words on Google that are associated with your business. When added to your profile, they help make your business profile search engine optimized.

Syncing helps to update your profiles with the latest information.

When you connect your social media profiles, Omnibiz will automatically pull all reviews from there to your dashboard.

Yes you can. Click the respond button under each review to respond to it.

Yes, we do and it works on all devices.

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