Omnibiz helps you get closer to your customers

With all your sales channels in one place, we help make your processes agile to meet the demands of today’s resellers and consumers

Our Solutions

We are focused on helping companies in improving their distribution network and its contribution to sales. We do this by providing a unified platform to manage all your sales channels and your customers.

Sales Force Automation

Empower your sales force with the right customer data, optimized route plans and an easy to use application to maximize sales orders and efficiently track stock through primary and secondary levels.

Online Order Management

Collect orders from WhatsApp, Facebook and your website. Give resellers the freedom of placing orders without physical visits. Bring your warehouses or key distributors onboard. Reduce stock-outs and build a strong supply chain.

Trade Management

Give traders and distributors the ease to track sales, manage stock and place orders all on one platform. Gain visibility on sales trends in various geographies and analyze consumer behavior.

Online Presence Management

Connect all your online platforms in one place to effectively publish updates, manage leads, queries and feedback from customers. Track response, conversion and issue resolution rates effectively.

Let’s do
this together

We will take you on a step by step process to creating your profile, managing and also provide adequate support.


With a step-by-step onboarding process and a customer success team, our goal is to make our solution fit your current process rather than making your process fit our software.


On-field, In-house and online training with tests and scores for every role type to ensure your team understands the usage, benefits, tips and tricks of the solution before they get started.


In-built ticketing system with direct communication between the team members affected and our technical team for better understanding and faster resolution of any hiccups you may have.


Integrations with other
business softwares

Flexible user flows

Web and Mobile
optimized app

Detailed data
analytics support

Support Gained

Trust Earned

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