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One-shot platform that works online and offline to help businesses drive Sales, Support and marketing

Centralized Place for team collaboration

A CRM system is a place for storing leads, prospects and customers data and history from all sources. Omnibiz CRM system unifies your sales, marketing, and support teams in real time and helps you to deliver a consistent and great customer experience anytime from anywhere. 

  • Work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Improve teams productivity.
  • Real time accessibility of data.
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Lead Management
CRM Software Leads Assignment

Assign leads to a dedicated salesperson

CRM software allows you to assign leads to a sale person based on product, service, geography etc. CRM system ensures the proper distribution of leads to deliver great customer experience.

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Turn prospects into customers

CRM System helps you to find opportunities to sell your products and services in less time and less efforts. It tells you the probability to convert a prospect into a customer.

  • Focus on the right prospect only that have high probability to convert into customers
  • Access complete history in a single click.
  • Start the conversation from where you left
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Pipeline Managment
Task Management

Plan Your Day in Advance

CRM system gives you the functionality to plan your meetings, calls, task and other activities in advance so that you don’t miss any business opportunity. It enhances the productivity,  and you can focus more on business.s

  • Scheduled your meetings and call with clients in advance
  • Avoid last minute mistakes
  • Deliver great customer experience
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Filter what is important

CRM system gives your sales team the ability to focus on leads or customer which are important.It allows team to filter the leads by source, product, status, date etc. it can change the way a salesperson prepare and present the sales pitch. 

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CRM software filters

Get insights to drive more sales

CRM software come with Performance of your team.View in-depth reports about qualified leads, scheduled meetings, deals closing this month, daily revenue, sales stages, and more. Use dashboards to identify bottlenecks in the sales process and see the areas of improvement.

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Easy Communication on the Go

To provide the information about your product and services.Your sales team can connect with leads anytime from anywhere with leads, prospects and customers using our CRM software. Our CRM system works online and offline both.

Grow your sales on the go

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Grow your sales on the go


Most frequent questions and answers

Customer relationship management software(CRM software) improves your customer experience. This software helps you to connect with customers on each and every step. You can reach out to them when they are seeing your services and products online, reading your emails etc.

CRM system helps businesses to monitor daily activities and real time insights.CRM software automate sales, Marketing and support processes to create a better experience for both the businesses and their customers.

Yes, you can manage role and profile.

Yes, you can change the default values given for the fields.

No, you don’t need any hardware to configure the CRM software. It’s a cloud based solution.You access it on any device from anywhere.

Yes, you can access it on any devices (desktop, laptop and mobile)

Not all the CRM works offline but you can work offline with Omnibiz CRM. 

Resources to deliver great customer experience

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