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Get access and mange contacts online and offline with Contact Management Tool

Complete view in one click

Easily view your contacts, their business name, agent assigned, emails, phone numbers, etc. in a single click

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Easily verify contact numbers

Our integrated number verification service helps you to send instant messages to verify contact numbers and adds them to your address book

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View complete activity history

Whether its a lead or a customer, view detailed history of all their activities, purchase history, campaign participations, etc.

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Filter your contact and get connected with relevant customers

Filter your customers and target them based on their activities, behavior, attributes and more

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Bulk upload contacts and access online

If you have large database and worry about how to add them in contact book then this feature will help you to add them in seconds.

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Import your Gmail contacts

We have Gmail integration so that you can easily import your google contact it’s easy and faster.

Access and manage contacts on the go

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Access and manage contacts on the go


Most frequent questions and answers

Online contact management system is a centerlize place for all your contact includes Leads, Prospect, Customer and other contacts. It gives you and your team a complete detail about contacts including source, name , email address, interaction history and more

No, there is no limit. You can add as many as you want.

Yes, from the settings page, you can import data using the appropriate template. You can also import your google contacts via the ‘Google Contacts’ button.

Yes, you can remove unwanted contacts.

The contact form can be customized according to your request.

Yes, contacts are saved with the location they were created in.

These are contacts you are yet to approve. You can activate them from the options icon.

Yes, Omnibiz can help verify phone numbers via an OTP while adding them into address-book. But for this you have to enable the verification feature from the settings.

Yes, you can always edit contacts.

Yes, you can customize the access levels of your team members.

Yes, we do and it works on all devices. Please visit this page to understand how you can install it.

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