How many times have you formed an opinion of a person by merely shaking their hands or noticing their shoes or even watch them smile? These are age-old tell signs that form the basis of our first opinions. For some people, the first appearance is the final opinion and it forms an unshakable part of their interaction with you. Now you do not have to worry about this if you are meeting people on a non-interactive basis or just passing them by, but what if your livelihood depends on it?

Your profile on Omnibiz is just that, a means to form a favorable first opinion for developing your business. Your profile is a window into your work and your character. The customers who compare your profile with others assigned to them for a particular work are not only making a decision for a single job but could also be your loyal customers for life. Every opportunity that comes your way is obviously prized and you wouldn’t want to lose out on it would you?

What if we told you it was very easy to make your first impression a lasting one, and a favorable one? Through these six simple ways, you can develop your profile and make it attractive to a potential customer!

1. Let your profile smile

Use the opportunity of a profile to smile to your customer in a way that is welcoming. Spend enough time on whatever you upload on the profile. Whether it is your image, business name, introduction to your business or supporting images of your work, everything should be thought through and clear. For example, a grammatical error in the introduction doesn’t leave a good impression or uploading an unclear/pixelated image also does the same.

2. If you are good, let the world know

Photos, videos, testimonials, certifications, supporting degrees, awards if any etc. all help in adding the weight to your profile. Let the world know what good things people have to say about you. Do take time to document your work and prepare a portfolio that not only helps you on Omnibiz but on multiple platforms. You can present a collated and structured portfolio on demand whenever the need be.

3. Your business name

The name of your business should be thought through and easy to pronounce. Even if it is unique, make sure it has a nice recall value. Explain why your business is called what its called. A nice backstory gives something for the customer to remember you by.

4. Give a face to your name

Choosing the right profile picture is extremely important. It is preferred if it is professionally shot and according to the suggested dimension so that your visibility is not compromised. Make sure the picture is not blurred or is of good quality.

5. Highlight your work

It is important to highlight the work you deem as important or one of your best by using indicators like bullets, different font color, bold/italics etc. so that it is noticeable. Ensure that you do not repeat the information on your profile over and over making it harder for the client to read through your profile. If they want to get into the details they can anyway go to website/social media pages and learn more.

6. Get reviewed

We cannot stress this enough that how ratings are important. Getting reviewed by a client increases your chances of getting hired by 3X. Seek out your old clients for a review and also make sure you get the new ones to review you as well.

We hope the tips help! If you haven’t registered yet on Omnibiz, do it now. And for those who have, get on the bandwagon of improving your profile because you are losing clients by the minute!


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