• Four of the world’s cities worst ranked polluted cities is in Nigeria


  • An estimated 7 million people were killed by diseases resulting from air and water pollution in Nigeria
  • 94% of the Nigerian population is exposed to air pollution levels that exceed WHO standards



There are many advocates for protecting our environment for the future generations but these facts tell a story that raises the need for all of us to come together to protect the environment. Most of us know that natural sources of energy-windmills, solar panels, hydro energy etc. are gentle to the environment and their constant use can actually save it from the disaster it is heading to. But most of us also believe that the installation cost of setting up means of natural energy is high when it is not such.

Let us talk about solar energy, one of the most important renewable sources of energy. The burning energy of the sun and its light is utilized to power many things. Its large magnitude of availability makes it an extremely appealing source of electricity.

In conversation with the CEO Justice Ekeke from Solar King Industries, a partner of VConnect, we learn how solar energy can save more than just the environment.

Q. Tell us why solar energy should be utilized?

Solar energy should be utilized because it ensures constant electricity. The sun is the most powerful and constant source of energy. It is also clean, noiseless, convenient and environmentally friendly. With the advent of environmental pollution, one needs to invest in renewable sources of energy.

Q. Isn’t it expensive to install and maintain?

Not at all. One needs to look at the bigger picture. It is indeed more expensive to use petrol or diesel generator. If you calculate the cumulative cost of running a generator for a year you will see that it is cheaper to install a solar panel system. What I am trying to say is that the installation cost of solar panels is taken care of within a year of its use.

Q.What service do you provide?

We deliver, install, maintain and repair inverters and other components in the solar panel system. We also sell and install batteries, solar panels, solar charge controller etc.

Q.Tell us about some myths of using solar panels

Myths are many actually. It becomes very important to educate people about the use of renewable sources of energy in everyday life. We also try to educate people about its benefits even if they do not take our services. One of the popular myths is that it is expensive or actually suited for commercial use instead of individual houses. Some other myths about solar power are that “it does not work” or “it is fraud and doesn’t deliver what is promised”

Q. Why did you market through VConnect?

I chose Omnibiz for a wider digital marketing coverage. Digital media marketing is what is driving initiatives these days. VConnect offers a great platform that is integrated and supported well.

Q.Do you get good leads from a provider like VConnect?

Yes, I get genuine and excellent leads from them.

Q. Aren’t your competitors also on VConnect? If so, aren’t you afraid they will get more leads than you will?

I know my competitors are also on Omnibiz but am determined to go above them with good service delivery and good reviews from customers.  VConnect does not favor a particular professional and puts more efforts in marketing one. They treat everyone equally. So it is a level playing field where customer feedback takes the front seat.

Q. What message do you have for customers and businesses who want to go the natural energy way?

For customers, I advise them to embrace solar technology as a means to enjoy constant, clean, noiseless and pollution-free electricity. Not only it is hassle-free, it is also cost-effective. Not to mention that it is the responsible thing to do right now.

While for those who want to do venture into the business, I advise them to acquire the technical know-how through apprenticeship and careful study and research.

Watch CEO Justice Ekeke talk about Solar King Industries in detail in Wake Up Nigeria!


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