As it turns out, a good call with a customer is only the half battle won. There is a lot more to converting a potential customer to a customer for life. We told you about the things you should consider before you even scout for a customer in a blog and also told you about the essential tips that can help you make that amazing pitch, so what comes next?

The follow-up! It is important to inquire about the discussions you have had with the lead to take it anywhere. You have to strike the right balance between a genuine query and creating urgency without sounding desperate. It is understandable to be anxious and the customer as a fellow human being understands that. But the incessant queries can make them feel you do not respect their space and boundaries. On the other hand, not calling or enquiring at all can make them feel unwanted and unimportant in your scheme of business. So how do you strike the perfect balance?

Here’s how! In this blog we will let you in on 5 tactics that can help you follow-up in the best manner:

1. Acknowledge 

As soon as you are done talking to a lead, arrange for a “thank you” and a “pleasure talking to you” mail/message. Personalize the email since you have just had a discussion with the lead and you need to make them feel that the message is especially for them. Start by using the name/title they are comfortable with and talk about the gist of the discussion/work in the mail/message. Also, put out a “Looking forward to a revert” line to denote that you are expecting a reply on the discussions and hoping that there can be a fruitful business relationship.

2. Identify their communication tool

Before you hang up on your first call with the lead, ask them their most comfortable mode of communication. There are multiple communication points to get in touch with a customer namely: telephone, email, messaging, social media etc. and you would want to know which mode the customer is regular with. No point in sending an email if the customer is not regular about checking with. Also, pinging a customer on messaging tools like Whatsapp and Hangout may not go down well and may be misconstrued as a sign of invasion of privacy. It is always better to check!

3. Follow-up schedule

Develop a follow-up schedule basis the discussion you have had with the customer. If they intend to close a professional for the job within a stipulated time, work out a schedule accordingly. As a standard, follow the below format:

Thank you/Acknowledgement email

The first follow-up in three days

Phone call after two weeks

Face to face query only when the customer agrees

Anything more than this can lead to a brush off. Also, be careful about the schedule basis the responses you get with the initial level of follow-up.

4. Respond in a timely manner

If the customer messages/emails/calls to ask more questions, respond in a timely manner. Even when you are unable to take a call, message immediately that you will call them back. Always message before placing a call if they are free to take the call. Apologize for not being able to attend to the call. If their queries require you to consult your team and then get back to them, let them know the rough timelines you will get back to them and adhere to it. This establishes how serious you are about your clients and the work at hand.

5. Learn when to let go

Sometimes you may everything right and still not get the desired work and the client. Do not be disappointed and keep pursuing a lead. Learn when to let go. If the client is unresponsive after the initial calls, just place a generic “Thank you for the consideration” email/message and wish them well. It just shows that you care about a job well done instead of just scoring a client.

We hope the tips help. Please leave your comments and let us know if there is anything specific you would like us to address. The experts at Omnibiz will be happy to help!



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