Every Nigerian wants to own the best clothes, cars or phones. However, it is one thing to own expensive or luxurious items, and it is another thing to maintain them. With mobile phones, they always have a way of getting spoilt, lost or stolen.

Even if you’ve never had your phone stolen or lost it, you have probably needed to repair your phone at some point. It’s even possible that you have chosen to buy a new phone rather than spend money repairing an old one. After spending so much money on a phone, how do you make sure that phone serves you for a long time?

We’ve gotten advice from our friend Wahab and curated the following tips:

Ignore Trends

Before we proceed to list dos and don’ts, take note of this: For you to use the same phone for even up to a year, you need to be able to ignore technology trends. These days, phone companies release new versions of phone models very quickly. It’s hard to keep up. For instance, you just bought an iPhone 10; in six months, Apple might have announced the release date of the iPhone 12. If you are someone who gets caught up with trends, you definitely cannot comfortably use your phone for too long. Be like Wahab, ignore trends.

Get A New Phone

When Wahab was ready to use a phone, he opted for a brand new smart phone without thinking twice. One of the mistakes we make today is this: in the bid to get a cheaper price, we may opt for used or “second-hand” phones. You might think that a used phone will last just as long as a new phone. However, that is highly unlikely.

There are several benefits of getting a new phone that you don’t get with a used one. For example, several phone stores offer warranties on new phones. With a warranty, you can probably repair or replace your phone for free.  Some phone stores even offer services such as screen insurance along with the purchase of a brand new phone. Make sure you buy your phone from a shop. This makes it easy to claim services like warranties, insurance or just to follow up.

What if you are sold a fake phone? Follow these steps to confirm the genuineness of your phone:

Get the IMEI number by dialing *#06# and double check the IMEI on www.imei.info

Use Phone Accessories

When you buy a brand new phone, it comes with certain accessories. Things like a charger, earphones and maybe an extra cable. Apart from the accessories that come with the phone, you can buy other very useful accessories; like a Screen guard and a strong pouch. It is also important to use only accessories from the phone manufacturer. Fake chargers or earphones will shorten the lifespan of your phone.  Don’t charge your phone for too long or let it die; this will spoil the battery.

Keep Your Phone Safe

Wahab never handled his phone carelessly. We know your phone is probably like your best friend. You carry it everywhere and use it for almost everything. Considering this, you need to handle it with care. Most phone issues are related to a liquid bath or a fall. These things can sometimes be avoided. Try to be more aware of your surroundings. Keep your phone away from open liquids or the edges of high surfaces.

If your phone somehow falls into water or drops from a high surface, consult a professional. Do not try to fix it yourself; you might complicate what might have been an “easy-to-fix” problem. For example: if your phone drops into a liquid, do not switch it on immediately. Take out the battery and let it dry in a bowl of rice.

In public places, take note of where you place your phone to prevent it from getting lost or stolen. This includes parties, cinemas, or wherever there are a lot of people. If you’re in an open area, do not hold your phone loosely. It can easily be snatched from your hand. Treat your phone like a baby.

Just like we advised about guaranteed sellers, this also goes for updates and mobile applications. Don’t click on unknown/unverified links. Do not download things (apps or files) straight from the Internet, use the app store instead.

Clear up space

Lastly, delete things you don’t need (looking at you Facebook Messenger). The fuller your phone is, the slower it processes.

These tips might sound ridiculous or impossible. However, they help you get the best out of your phone. Your phone might last even longer than Wahab’s phone. If you are like him and have an old phone but need to get it fixed, then get mobile phone repairers on Omnibiz.  


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