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Last month, we told you about the Omnibiz Business Summit 2018 and how the winning professionals took the Omnibiz pledge. Over 40 professionals took the pledge and kick-started Omnibiz’s endeavor to serve all customers with utmost sincerity, professionalism and quality service. Omnibiz now ensures that all professionals now take the pledge before becoming a part of the platform.

So what is the pledge all about? The pledge is a promise by the professionals to follow a code of conduct which helps them deliver great service on multiple parameters. Needless to say, it is beneficial for the customers. But we might like to add how beneficial it is for you as a professional. How following the Omnibiz code of conduct not only gets you better placed to be chosen by the customers but also helps you to reap the benefits of the market-place that Omnibiz website is.

Here is the professional code of conduct that will help you not only on our platform but anywhere:

1. Respect is most important– Everyone needs to be treated with respect. Age, race, gender does not determine respect or the amount of it. It doesn’t matter who your customer, all that matters is that they are your customer who is interested in availing your service. The first sign of respect that a customer shows is to choose you as a professional from a pool of professionals in Omnibiz. Not only is it polite to return the favor, but also an opportunity to do so.

2. Fair pricing – Price your services equally and fairly. Set the price of your goods and services as per the standard industry norms. If your customer seems to be someone who has a higher propensity to pay, it doesn’t mean you fleece them with a higher price. In other words, the price that you offer should not vary from customer to customer for the same service. A fair pricing model also helps your customer to trust you more.

3. Value for money – We often come across this term but understanding the meaning behind the sentence is more important. Professionals should deliver services setting the highest quality standards. This also gives most customers the assurance that the price they have paid is absolutely alright for the service rendered. It also creates an environment where there is no unnecessary haggling or bargaining for prices.

4. Honesty is the best policy – Last but certainly not the least, be honest. A good deed (or a gesture) is always returned. Also, respect the integrity of the Omnibiz platform and our mission. Deliver the service promised, admit to a mistake made in rendering the service and apologize, return deposits of incomplete work. Your honesty will paint you as a great professional on the Omnibiz platform and increase your chances to be hired.

We hope you abide by the code of conduct as you take the pledge before becoming a part of the Omnibiz family. Like every family, rules and discipline help us to be better and deliver better.

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