Something that has been of major importance to companies and businesses, is identifying who the rightful customers are, and then deciding how to reach out and communicate with the prospective customers (commonly known as leads), and finally convert them into customers.

Converting leads into customers can be an intimidating task. A lot of times, companies are not sure when to employ more persuasion in dealing with prospective customers or, when to put a pause on persuading.  In trying to convert leads to customers, it is important to note that different services, requires different conversion strategies.

As quoted by Jeffrey Eisenberg, “It is much easier to double your businesses by doubling your conversion rate than doubling your leads”

Omnibiz’s has always been dedicated to providing support for our customers.  This is because we believe that we grow when our customers grow. And as a part of that belief, Omnibiz aspired to provide additional support towards helping our customers grow their businesses. We are also committed to equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for helping them conquer the challenges that comes with acquiring customers.

As a result of this, Omnibiz launched its first ever Masterclass Series on ‘How to convert leads into customers?’ It put together a training that consisted of tried and tested techniques, methods and conducts specific to a service type. It also provided ongoing support to customers who might still encounter a few other challenges, post the masterclass.

The first Masterclass was held at Cafelicious, catering to website developers, graphic designers and training schools. The discussion started out with formally introducing our Sales Head, Operations Head and Product Manager to our customers present at the masterclass along with the customers giving a small brief about themselves and the company they were representing. The discussion held at the masterclass majorly focused on how to up customer conversion rates with Omnibiz and some of the best practices that work best with Nigerian buyers. To break it down, it was simplified in 5 different sections or topics:

How to take care of the basics – your profile.

Your business profile should be given the utmost attention because that is the first interaction a customer has with your business. The tone should be pleasant as it works in favour of your business.

How to make the perfect pitch – key points you should not miss out on.

A pitch is a make or break moment with a client. A good pitch hits the key components.

Writing the perfect quote

Giving the perfect quote is not just about the money that you will charge after the service delivery but an entire process that makes your clients pick you. After all, it should not just be money but value for money.

The secret to more conversions

The key to this is, follow up. The right way to follow up is by keeping your client engaged with your business even after the service has been delivered.

The power of reviews

Reviews have been known to help businesses get more customers. About 74% of customers claim that positive reviews make them trust a business more.

Omnibiz’s masterclass series aims to provide continual support for every service and business on the platform. It is also an avenue for Omnibiz to take their customers growth onto a higher note of progress. As we believe, our customers’ growth and progress are what makes us a successful platform. One that is dedicated to growth which is what we always strive for, putting our customers first.

Here’s the video of how the event unfolded. It was an evening filled with great conversations, coffee and lots of learnings! Hope you can join us for the next one.


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