At this point, you have received the email from us informing you about the up-gradation to our new plans that have some AMAZING exclusive benefits reserved for very few businesses – people LIKE you, entirely for free! In this blog, we will attempt to make you understand more about the plans in detail so that you can make the most out of your subscription!

We have 3 plans under your subscription package. Note:- Your subscription will be upgraded to one of these 3 plans, depending on the status of your current wallet balance.

Plan 1: Starter

This is the plan which is meant for businesses who want to start out small and look for incremental growth in their business.

Plan 2: Step-up

This is the plan meant for mid-scale businesses who want to invest more time and effort and rely on online platforms like Omnibiz to help them acquire new customers. These are customers who have already tastes success with using online channels for customer acquisition. Needless to say, this is the most popular service amongst most customers.

Plan 3: Accelerate

This is the plan meant for businesses who are interested in generating a higher quantum of leads and they have the right resources to convert the leads into high paying customers! This is the perfect package for businesses who have attained a certain scale of operations and are now looking at very aggressive business growth.

Do you have any more questions about the plans? Here are some frequently asked Questions about our plans:

What is Validity?
It is the duration of time for which the lead price and other benefits of the package you have selected are valid(1 month, 3 months or 6 months)

Are Prices Fixed ?
No. For a service over a short period of time and for a given plan it might be fixed. But, it varies from service to service and also over a period of time (but not frequently).

Depending on lead type, market demand and similar services, we revise our prices. But we will ensure you are carried along and we do not break your bank 🙂

What is Minimum Commitment fee ?

This is total cost of the minimum number of connections we estimate to generate for you each month. This is important that you connect with the customers and take the deal forward.

You will be charged for unattended customers if your monthly spend is not up to the commitment amount. We do so to ensure that none of the users waiting for your service are abandoned without any responses.

What is Auto Accept ?

A premium feature available to selected businesses only. This allows you to set your introduction message (brochure) along with photos, prices etc. Any interested customer who wants to connect with you, will be sent these details automatically.

Also, the user will get your contact details via SMS so that s/he can contact you immediately. And guess what, the user gets to call you immediately after posting his requirement.

What happens to my balance if my plan expires?

After the deduction of minimum monthly spend (in case you left any customers unattended), the amount remains in your wallet. Then you can do one of below:

  1. You can continue for 1 more month in the same plan
  2. You can add balance and upgrade to higher plan
  3. Go to and get more customers.

What happens if I finish my wallet balance before my plan expires?

We like that you are serious about growing your business. You can continue enjoying Omnibiz services by doing one of the following:

  1. You can top-up (add money) to your account and continue to enjoy the benefits of your current plan. It also extends the validity of the plan depending on the amount you pay and your current plan
  2. You can close the current plan and upgrade to a new plan (if you are not already in the highest plan)
  3. Better, don’t let your wallet balance go below 5,000 naira. You don’t want to lose any customers, do you?

Is the amount in my wallet refundable?

You rightly guessed, we do not wish to come across such situations. Unfortunately, we incur significant resources to setup your profile, to bring the best out of your business and to showcase it to the prospective customers that visit our site regularly.

In the most unfortunate situations in which we have no other choice but to discontinue, we first deduct the bonus from your wallet balance (if you have been rewarded with any bonus), then we will deduct profile set up cost of 5,000 naira and your monthly minimum minimum spend of your package for the remaining period.

How do I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan by paying the balance amount on top of your existing wallet balance (if any) so that the total amount becomes enough to subscribe for the higher plan.

Example, you have 3,000 naira in your wallet and you want to upgrade to Accelerate plan (minimum Payment of 40,000 nara). Then you have to pay at least 37,000 naira to switch to this plan.

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