Vconnect for business is all set to rebrand as Omnibiz to expand our offerings to you

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Yup, you read it right. It is a big moment for us – Vconnect for business will be Omnibiz from 5 May, Sunday at Midnight! We are changing our name and logo, but the product with great features for you will stay the same, in fact become better for you, with newer benefits! You will also notice an improved, more intuitive and more aesthetic look and feel of the website and product.

Don’t worry. Nothing changes. The way you use the product, discover prospects, engage with them, everything remains the same. We have changed our name to signify a change in our mission – becoming a “one-stop-shop” for businesses like you to gain visibility and attract customers. And that means a lot of new and exciting features for you coming soon!

Excited? You should be! Very soon we will get in touch with you again to communicate about these exciting new features you will be able to access on Omnibiz! Till then continue enjoying access to tons of prospective customers waiting for you, like you do today!

So just to summarise, here are a few important changes for you to take note of that will kick in from midnight Sunday, –

  • Our website will change from to
  • Vconnect Market ( will change to Omnibiz Market ( – don’t worry you don’t have to do any extra work. You will automatically be taken there when you click on a market lead.
  • Your business dashboard, will change to – don’t worry you don’t have to do any extra work. You will automatically be taken there
  • All the email and SMS communication you receive will be from Omnibiz going forward
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to the push notifications again from your new dashboard

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your service consultant. They will be able to assist you with all your queries.


Usman is a content developer and screenwriter. Bizarrely, he has never been seen in the same room with Batman, leading many to believe he is indeed the Dark Knight. He refuses to comment on these claims.

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