There is definitely no party like a Lagos party. Come rain, come shine, there’s always a party to attend in Lagos. Parties are a way to ease yourself from the stress of Lagos traffic and work. Or just an opportunity to catch up with friends and family. However, attending a party and planning a party are two different things entirely.

You probably know that party planning takes a lot of time and energy. You need to cover all your bases and make sure you have everything to guarantee that your guests have fun.

There are several types of parties; owambes, house parties, dinner parties etc. The essentials for your party depends on what type of party it is. House parties are possibly the easiest to plan and don’t need so much logistics.

You can throw a house party with the barest minimum. Still, there are some things every house party must have. We’ve listed out these things to help you throw a great party.

Whatsapp Group

Almost everyone is on WhatsApp these days. So, you can add all your guests to a WhatsApp group to invite them and keep them updated. All you need is a smartphone, Internet, and people’s phone numbers.

The size limit of a WhatsApp group is 256 people. You probably don’t want that many people at your house. Even if you do, remember that Lagosians hardly go to parties alone. With the WhatsApp group, you can ask for things like people’s special diet restrictions, schedules or even ask for help with the party.

Considering the different types of people in WhatsApp groups, not everybody will be active. Don’t worry, they will still read your messages.

A WhatsApp group takes you through the planning process and is still useful after your party. You can send a thank you message to people who came and share pictures or fun party memories.

Red Cups


You may have seen some red disposable cups at barbeques or house parties. Are they really an essential? YES.

Red cups are a regular sight at house parties in Nigeria and even worldwide. They probably started being used because they relieve the stress of washing or dealing with broken glass cups. However, red cups are now the kings of the disposable cup kingdom. Make sure you get red cups and not any other colour. You can purchase a roll of 50 red cups for as low as 1500 Naira at any supermarket or local market.  



This is extremely important. Everybody loves food. You should decide if you’re going to serve serious food like pounded yam or just small chops. The great thing about a house party is that you don’t have to stress yourself with serious food. You can have mostly finger food. Things like barbeque chicken, small chops, Asun, ice cream, popcorn etc.


African time is real, and Nigerian time may even be worse. Don’t tell your guests your party starts at 2 pm and start getting anxious when only one person has arrived at 2:30. If you want to start at 3 pm, give everybody a 1-hour gap. Tell them it starts an hour before.



You don’t need to get a professional DJ or twenty speakers for a house party. You can have great music with a phone, a home theatre set, and an auxiliary cord. These things are very easy to find. If you don’t have a home theatre, you may be able to use your regular Television or home sound system. There have even been situations where people resorted to playing music from a car. You can avoid that by planning ahead.

Take advantage of your WhatsApp group and reach out to your friends. Someone else might have the things you need. Make sure there is at least one phone at your party with great music on it. Create one or two playlists for your party so the same songs don’t keep playing.

Clean Up


The scary thing about house parties is that your house may get really messy and you will have to clean up after. You can plan ahead and limit the mess. The fact that you’re only serving small chops will save you from extremely messy food situations. Get a lot of trash bags and place a trash can in an obvious spot. Try to use disposable everything, so you can just throw away the used ones after.

Once you’ve checked everything on our list, all you have to do is sit back and have fun!

However, If you need professional help, then get caterers or event planners on Omnibiz.


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