7 Best Questions to Break the Ice With Your Potential Customer

Talking to a potential customer can be daunting. What are the questions you should be asking? How do you break the ice? How do you even get the customer to listen to you and take you seriously?

Before you get intimidated by these questions, keep this in mind. The customer is already interested in you and your business. Once they log on to the Omnibiz website and go through the questions they answer by taking the time out, they reach you and many like you. Their intention is serious and is to close the deal (we make sure of that ;)). So you do not have a lot to worry about.

But we need to tell you about some pointers that can help you to break the ice and begin a decent conversation with your potential. These 7 questions could help you start on a good note. It is also to build a rapport with your client just so you can move on to work-related questions. If you feel the client is pressed for time and would rather quickly get to the work, you can drop a few questions. One that may change a potential client to a client for life!

Here are 7 questions to break the ice with your potential customer:

These are a few of my favorite things

Playing the favorites game help set the mood to a light and happy state. This also avoids negative experiences and sets the tone of the rest of your questions.

1. What is your favorite personal possession and why?

2. What superpower you would like to have?

Have a brand questionnaire ready

Having a brand questionnaire to understand the perception of the client towards their brand is a good way to go ahead. Sometimes direct questions don’t help as clients may not know how to answer them. Asking people what they value about themselves or asking them to think in metaphors can quickly unlock powerful insights.

3. Which color do you associate your brand with?

4. If you were to choose a well-known slogan or axiom for your life, what would it be?

5. What aspect of you, you think adds value to the world?

Move to deep dive questions

6.  If you could do this yourself (the job at hand) what will be the first thing you would do?

7. What is the most valuable opinion that you have received from a friend/family member/colleague?

Here are some do’s and don’ts with regards to the questions:

  1. Do not stress on them answering every question if they are not comfortable
  2. Have the sense when to get to the work at hand, rather than prolonging the questionnaire
  3. Be clear with your objective with the questions. Devise what you want out of it
  4. If you are involved in a personal service (like spa, saloon etc.) or design service, these questions help you more
  5. You can also add/edit/modify these questions as per the client’s requirement. For example, if they want a room designed you can ask more design related things that they enjoy
  6. Try not to get too personal with the questions. You may offend the client or overstep boundaries
  7. This is not a list of questions to swear by. They are just pointers that may or may not help. Try and be cautious

We really hope this helps you to break the ice with your client and makes them comfortable to share insights that can help you whip up a proposal they will fall in love with.

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