What is the one constant that businesses all over the world strive for? Growth. In this competitive market where acquiring and maintaining customers has become vital and difficult, one needs innovative ways to collaborate. A fruitful collaboration often results in massive growth.

VConnect offers a conducive platform for multiple service professionals to collaborate for not just the growth of a business, but also cutting costs on marketing, promotion, customer acquisition and customer repeat. We constantly employ methods to convey to the customers that the SMEs in Nigeria on our platform hold the highest standards of quality and trust.

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After you have decided to become partners in success with us, all it takes is simple steps to sign up. Simply enter your phone number and email id, to begin with by logging on to our website. Here is a simple video that will take you through the process in entirety:

Taking the pledge

We establish the relationship between you and the potential customer. VConnect.com communicates trust and quality assurance, hence customers prefer to hire service professionals such as yours through us. To ensure that all customers on Omnibiz feel safe when connecting with a local service professional in Lagos (or other places) on the platform, every professional is required to take the pledge. As Deepankar Rustagi, CEO, Omnibiz says, “Service professionals find it very hard to acquire new customers because there is a deficit of trust in our market as well as verified professionals. Their only option is to rely on referrals. I want to have peace of mind that I can trust the professional to do the job well. And it’s the same peace of mind that we want everyone to have.”  

Why take the pledge?

VConnect not only assists customers with trusted professionals but also makes efforts to train the onboard professionals. How to connect with a customer? How to ensure quality service? What are the standards of delivering great service? These are questions that we help you address. Over 3,000 service professionals have earned a trust badge by taking the pledge on Omnibiz and have made 8,000 connections with real-life customers searching for their services with more than 5,000 hires.

When businesses are verified and have earned a trust badge from VConnect, they automatically appear in recommendations of professionals made to the customer. This accounts for higher visibility and increases the chances to connect with a potential customer. According to Samuel Obayagbona, Omnibiz Product Manager, “87% of people looking for professionals prefer to connect with one that has the badge, over those that don’t”.


A verified identity and stamp of approval earn customer’s trust as well. With time and dedicated service standards, you get the platform to stand out from your competitors and get as much business as you want! Since most of the trusted professionals choose VConnect as a platform, you can also track customer ratings of your competitors just so you can work harder and improve your business ethics. It is a healthy platform that has room for everyone, including the customers who flock to VConnect to find the best of you!

How to earn the badge

To earn the trust badge, newly registered businesses and existing ones are to take the pledge before July 31st, 2018. Follow the simple steps:

  1. Log on to https://business.vconnect.com/takeapledge
  2. Provide a proof of identity and a bank account number matching the identity

In doing so, businesses take a pledge of trust to only accept works that they are qualified for. To hold the utmost standards of quality, after July 31st, only businesses that have taken this pledge of trust will be able to connect with customers or get hired on Omnibiz.

Watch professionals take the trust pledge:

Convinced? A simple process takes you on the path of success. Sign up today!





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