Register and Manage Your Business Profile On Google(GMB) With Omnibiz

Want your business to show up as one of the top results on Google, whenever customer search for a term related to your business locally. Now It’s easy!! You don’t have to waste a single penny. Well let’s come to the solution, you can do it by listing your business on ‘Google My Business’. Here, In this post we will be discussing how to register your Business on Google and about its importance.

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

GMB is a kind of listing your business on Google which shows important information about your business in the search results to the customers searching for business or services.

List your business profile and manage your online presence across Google, including Search and Maps

Why Registering Business on Google (GMB) is beneficial?

After registering your business on Google, GMB shows your business information in the local pack in search results, appear on Google Maps, make visible your business in brand-name searches, and enhance the ability to rank for keywords which have a local search intent.

An Up-to-date Google My Business listing also helps search engine to learn more about your business, the products or services you provide, and the location you run the business.

75% of online consumers searching for local businesses on a monthly basis. You can drive more sales by sharing new posts and photos, open-hours, News, offers and others with customers on Google My Business. It’s very simple to keep your Google My Business Profile up-to-date with Omnibiz

So it’s very important! To have a business listing on Google.

How to Register your Business on Google?

Simply visit Google My Business, click “Start Now” and submit your basic business information. Step by Step fill out all the information you’re asked for, being as detailed as you can and make sure to keep all your information accurate.

Easy way to get listed your business on Google My Business

Omnibiz in collaboration with Google My Business to help you get more business. Simply register you business on Omnibiz and in a single click your business profile will be registered on Google(GMB) without any extra efforts. Also, you don’t need to wait for post card (OTP) to verify your business on Google.

Reasons to Register your Business on Google through Omnibiz:

One profile across the web
1. Have the same information across the web.Like Vconnect, Facebook, GMB, etc.2. Get verified across different platforms

List on Multiple Platforms
1. List your profile on multiple platforms – Google business, Facebook, Google Map etc.2. Manage and update the profiles on all the platforms easily from a single dashboard and with single edit/update
Manage on the go
Create and manage your profile from any device and from any place.

Easy Verification
Verify your profile on Omnibiz via OTP in Seconds and Google My Business profile will be verified automatically. No need to wait for verification postcard.

Boost Response Rate
Increase sales by responding quickly to the reviews from all platforms from a single place.
Keep Your Profile Up-to-date
Omnibiz is integrated with Google My business so it Keeps your profile fresh and up to date with the information you updated in your Omnibiz Account.
Trusted by 1million businesses
Omnibiz is trusted by 1 million business in Nigeria

Easy products Promotion
You can publish images,pricing and descriptions of every product or service you sell and it will get published directly to your Google My Business and other platforms as well

Dedicated Resource
A trained, equipped and dedicated digital marketing expert who manages your online presence as your Omnibiz Consultant.

Comprehensive Reports 
Don’t just measure likes and comments. Understand what your business is gaining with custom reports for each of your profiles synced with Omnibiz after registering.


How to Grow with Google My Business

Step by Step process to start generating leads from GMB after registering your business on Google are mentioned below:

  1. Keep you business Profile up-to-date on Google with the help of omnibiz: You can drive more sales by sharing new posts and photos, open-hours, News, offers and others with customers on Google My Business.
  2. 97% of customers check for the reviews on Google online before purchasing from a business.
  3. Show your offering to customer to turn searched into sales.


If you are a local business owner you should list your business on Google My Business. And after reading the above article you don’t need to spend more time for searching ‘how to register your business on Google?’ You can register your business through it’s quick and the easiest way. Omnibiz and Google My Business helps businesses to grow faster.

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