7 Steps To Turn Your Human Hair Weave To A Wig

A lot of Nigerian women wear wigs. Wigs are stylish and extremely convenient. With wigs, you can try out different hairstyles without sitting at the salon for hours. Lace wigs are even more fascinating. They look extremely natural; like the hair is growing from your scalp. Because of the growing popularity of wigs, most Nigerian

Keep Your Hair Healthy with these 5 Tips

Whether you’re a deep believer in relaxed hair or natural hair, healthy hair is essential. Most people want and will do almost anything for long, full hair. News Flash: just because your hair is long and full doesn’t mean it is healthy. However, healthy hair is more likely to grow and retain length. How do

5 Spa Treatments You Can Do At Home

5 Spa Treatments You Can Do At Home Once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to give your body a special treat to smell like the roses (or whatever flower you like) you deserve. You should take care of yourself even if no one’s watching. Take the time to treat yourself to a spa treatment,

How To Plan A Wedding Party With Just N750,000 (or...

Budget weddings are gradually becoming popular. More so, the current spike in prices is pushing everyone to get creative with their plans. More people are taking on the challenge to spend less and still have an amazing wedding party. Like all things Nigerian, Nigerian weddings strive to impress. Nigerians don’t want to see cheap weddings.

5 Tips to Make Your Human Weave Last Longer

If you’re a Nigerian lady between the ages of 18 and 35 (or even older), you likely own or want a human hair weave. Since it hit the market, human hair has captivated hearts and of course, the money of a lot of Nigerian women. They come in several lengths, textures, and colours, and don’t

How to find the ideal generator for your home

Due to the struggle to get constant electricity in Nigeria, generators have sadly become a necessity for any home, business or organization in need for a reliable source of power. Therefore, for the average homeowner/tenant, selecting an ideal generator is a very important part of making any living arrangements. Just like when selecting an ideal

How to Choose the Best Soap for your Clothes

We’ve all been there, sadly. A favorite shirt turned into casual wear around the house or your favorite Agbada now so faded that the only way to get any more use out of it is to convert to sleepwear. How do the soaps we use for laundry affect our clothes and how can we take


If you are part of the 47% of Nigerians who reside in urban areas and do not own your own home, you will have to deal with estate agents to rent a place of your own. Here, we take a look at some of the things to look out for- and do while house hunting.

Natural ways to rid your home of pests

Pest control can be difficult, you could fumigate your building, but the pesticides used can sometimes also be harmful to you. There are precautions you have to take when you want to fumigate your building. However, you could also go the alternate route and try natural methods that will help you get rid of pests safely.

Little-known free business tools your SME should b...

Bimbo just received an enquiry from a potential customer who saw her clothing website. The customer wanted to know if she could supply Aso Oke for a wedding coming up in three weeks. Since her supplier is in Ilorin, she had to get on a video call to show her what exactly she wanted and

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