Register Your Business On Google(GMB) -Boost Searc...

Register and Manage Your Business Profile On Google(GMB) With Omnibiz Want your business to show up as one of the top results on Google, whenever customer search for a term related to your business locally. Now It’s easy!! You don’t have to waste a single penny. Well let’s come to the solution, you can do

Why Do I Need A Webiste
Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Professio...

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Professional Website If you’re a small business owner or you’re just starting out, like many other business owners, you may think – ‘Why do I need a website?’ when can do everything offline. Perhaps you don’t purchase online so you think your customers don’t use the website

The tech start-up revolutionizing SME growth in Af... revolutionizing SME growth in Africa Lagos, Nigeria, June 29th, 2019: A Lagos based tech start-up that provides a holistic growth solution to SMEs across Sub-Saharan Africa has officially launched its new platform, Omnibiz, in 8 countries – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Omnibiz is a one-stop business hub for

Omnibiz Event Launch and Networking Event in Lagos, ... a SAAS Platform Launch and Networking Event in Lagos, Nigeria SME Tech platform – – was launched with conclusion of a successful 3 day networking event with hosting of 150 SMEs along with distinguished industry leaders who engaged in panel discussions   Mplify Limited, owners of the Vconnect brand, recently held a networking

Register for Stanford SEED to Scale your Business

As a business owner who is looking to scale, many time what you need is the right knowledge and some sort of mentorship to get you and your business to where you want it to be. If you are among the many business owners looking for hands-on training on how to scale their businesses and

Omnibiz Holds First Empower Masterclass with Schne...

Omnibiz Global Services launched an initiative called Empower, this year. Empower focuses on improving the quality of services that artisans and SMEs provide. This it does, through organizing masterclasses for specific service professionals. The masterclass does not just arm them with technicals skills, it also focused on soft skills that the professionals would need to

3 Things You Should Not Ignore After a Job Well Do...

“Sales is like a box of chocolates, you cannot just have one”, after all, you have spent all this time and energy to get the customers to trust in you. It takes years of practice to attain perfection in the services you are offering and passion to only get better with time. At Omnibiz, we

30 min or Less: How to Develop a Quick Response Ti...

Time is a valuable resource in the impatient world that we live in. This is particularly true for small businesses and start-ups who have too many things to achieve in too little time. We shared with you some quick ways to break the ice with your customers and also shared 6 ways to follow up with

The 7 Insurance Policies you must get in Nigeria

Did you know that there are seven compulsory insurance policies in Nigeria? Yes, the Federal Government has made it compulsory for every individual and business in the country to be protected by a few insurance policies. Here at Omnibiz, we’ve helped you put together a list. Motor Third-Party Insurance People who have been caught by law

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