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3 Things You Should Not Ignore After a Job Well Do...

“Sales is like a box of chocolates, you cannot just have one”, after all, you have spent all this time and energy to get the customers to trust in you. It takes years of practice to attain perfection in the services you are offering and passion to only get better with time. At Omnibiz, we

30 min or Less: How to Develop a Quick Response Ti...

Time is a valuable resource in the impatient world that we live in. This is particularly true for small businesses and start-ups who have too many things to achieve in too little time. We shared with you some quick ways to break the ice with your customers and also shared 6 ways to follow up with

The 7 Insurance Policies you must get in Nigeria

Did you know that there are seven compulsory insurance policies in Nigeria? Yes, the Federal Government has made it compulsory for every individual and business in the country to be protected by a few insurance policies. Here at Omnibiz, we’ve helped you put together a list. Motor Third-Party Insurance People who have been caught by law

7 Stellar Marketing Strategies for Small Businesse...

Marketing strategies for small businesses often pass for a growth strategy as well. With limited resources, be it the funds, human resources or infrastructure, optimizing is the key to function as a small business. There are no magic marketing strategy or a one-size-fits-all formula, but you need to try and test what works for your business

Top 10 Business in Nigeria | Lucrative, Trending, ...

The 2018 year that is gone. We become nostalgic of the year goes by. We try to remember the good that it has brought us and we try to learn the lessons from the bad we have faced. Here you will know Top 10 Business in Nigeria 2019 as per their growth, profit, revenue in

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6 Essential Things You Need to Start a New Busines...

Dreaming is the first step taken by future entrepreneurs and it is this dream that needs to be shown the right direction. We at Omnibiz, are committed to helping small business owners, dedicated entrepreneurs and established businesses so that they keep going. Moving forward in the direction of a steady and healthy growth that helps

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New year. New changes. Some newer and more effecti...

Whether you’re a subscribed business professional with an active account on Omnibiz, or simply a business professional looking for customers, we have some good things to share with you this new year. We collected feedback from several service seekers (potential customers for you) and business professionals in 2018, and realized that we need to fill

10 Ways to Build Your Business in This New Year

The new year brings with it new opportunities. It is nature’s ways to tell you to learn from your mistakes and start afresh. A lesson that is pretty much applicable in life and that drives our resolutions, can be applied to business as well. The past year may have been grueling for small businesses and

6 Innovative Ideas For Corporate Gifts this Christ...

An employee needs to feel valued in an organization. Whether it is from the constructive feedback they get on their work or the fact that the organization remembers the days that are important to them to make them feel special. The season of holidays is just as important. Thoughtful and useful corporate gifts make for

Happiness is New Customers with Great Marketing

Our series of happiness blogs bring to your stories of our professionals and get you up, close and personal to them. It not only helps you to get to know them a little better, but it also helps you understand what makes them so good at what they do. These dedicated professionals work hard to

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