Pest control can be difficult, you could fumigate your building, but the pesticides used can sometimes also be harmful to you.

There are precautions you have to take when you want to fumigate your building. However, you could also go the alternate route and try natural methods that will help you get rid of pests safely.

Check nets and clean gutters

If you have an invasion of flying insects like houseflies and mosquitoes, you should think of how to prevent them from getting into the building in the first place.

Check that your window nets are not torn or weak around the edges. Also, ensure the gutters around you are not holding water for these insects to breed in. if you are having trouble completely clearing the gutters of the water, then apply kerosene to the water to kill off the larvae in the water.

Vacuum your building

Pests like bed bugs can squeeze into very tight spaces that you might not even be able to see. Vacuuming will help you get rid of these kinds of small critters. The next step would be to apply hot steam to infested areas. This will help you kill bed bugs, flies and cockroaches

Use strong smells

Moth balls and cayenne pepper spread around places where rats have been repel them, some strong smelling plants also repel ants, cockroaches, and gnats.

Use steel wool to stop mice

Rats can be very difficult to get rid off, if you have identified where they hid in, seal it off with steel wool or other materials they can’t chew through.

Seal cracks and spots

Sealing cracks and spots will prevent insects from re-emerging from their hiding spots. Make sure you also fix all plumbing leaks quickly so you don’t end up breeding mosquitoes inside your house.

Clean the kitchen before going to bed

Clean your dishes and empty all waste. Rotting food attracts house flies, fruit flies and rats. The cleaning products you use will disinfect the kitchen, discouraging pests from coming into your home.

If you are still having trouble getting rid of pests with these methods, find pest control services on VConnect.


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