We know these are tough times, but we’re staying strong and positive; we hope you are too. These are the latest updates on the Omnibiz app:

New filter options on the Customer analytics report

With the reporting relationships/hierarchy you’ve set up in your roles settings; you can narrow down to specifics. You can view reports for specific roles, manager roles, and their team members.

Steps: On the dashboard, navigate to the customer analytics section, and click on any customer analytics report. Apply filter to see the new fields

Smarter team activity report

It makes sense to know the coverage you achieve each day through your field staff, so we’ve made it even easier to see this. On the map overlay page, you can use the drop-down to select specific users, but we’ve taken it a step further to only display active users on the list for that day/date range. This way, there won’t be any need to scroll through the entire list, searching for active users.

Steps: From the app menu, navigate to Team Management, then click on Map Overlay. On the Map Overlay page, choose any date, then click on ‘Select Agent’

Customizing customer registration forms & Survey forms

We saved the best for last – you can now create custom forms for customer registration and surveys on Omnibiz! With various field types e.g phone numbers, date, time, multi-selection, checkboxes, text; you are more empowered to collect better information and make data-driven decisions.  

Steps: From the app menu, navigate to Settings, then click on ‘Customize Forms’ to get started.

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