Bimbo just received an enquiry from a potential customer who saw her clothing website. The customer wanted to know if she could supply Aso Oke for a wedding coming up in three weeks. Since her supplier is in Ilorin, she had to get on a video call to show her what exactly she wanted and then quickly designed a simple brochure to show the customer. All this she did for free.

Now, the scenario above is hypothetical, what is real is that all these things and more your small business can do for free.

These are some free business tools your small business should be using to compete effectively.

1. Free website

Just like our imaginary business owner, you can get a website for free and reach more potential customers.

Omnibiz offers businesses on the platform who have a profile that is at least 80% completed a free one-month trial website. Take advantage of this and get more leads.

2. Track your visits with Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you track traffic on your website and measure your advertising ROI as well as track your all your social media accounts.

The information you can glean from the analytics would provide insight into your visitors’ behaviour, such as where most of the traffic comes from, what time of the day, and what visitors are doing on your site.

3. Create stunning graphics

Free tools like canva help you create professional looking graphics for free. So no need for a graphic designer for basic jobs -you might need a professional for certain projects. Vennage can also help you create infographics for free.

4. Network on LinkedIn

You most likely are doing this already, if you aren’t, what are you waiting for? LinkedIn is great for meeting professionals for free and cuts out the chatter associated with other social media networks, rather it is focused on sharing business ideas and meeting other professionals.

5. Video calls

While skype is popular for making free video calls, other resources are available that are just as effective if not even better. lets you create a room that allows multiple video calls and only one party needs to register, others just get an invite which lets them join the chat without downloading an application.

6. Manage teams and tasks with trello and slack

Project management tools like slack and trello help you delegate and keep track of tasks easily. This will make delegating tasks to team members in different easy. Making your life much easier.
Are there other free business tools you are using that are you think are worth knowing about? Let me know in the comments section below

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