Omnibiz Event a SAAS Platform Launch and Networking Event in Lagos, Nigeria

SME Tech platform – – was launched with conclusion of a successful 3 day networking event with hosting of 150 SMEs along with distinguished industry leaders who engaged in panel discussions


Mplify Limited, owners of the Vconnect brand, recently held a networking event to launch its new SME tech platform, Omnibiz. Omnibiz is a solution that provides businesses a platform to help amplify their online presence and increase visibility. As the name implies, Omnibiz seeks to make SMEs ‘omnipresent’ online.


The event was a 3-day event with over 150 business owners in attendance. Each day  saw about 50 business owners and various top players in tech in Nigeria. At about 11 a.m, registration began for attendees arriving The Nest, venue of the launch and networking event. 

 The launch kicked off on the first day with a welcome address by the CEO of Omnibiz, Deepankar Rustagi. He welcomed all the business owners to the event and thanked them for making out time to attend the networking event.

This was followed immediately by a training session on Google My Business by Kene Okafor of Edubridge Consult.  Kene took the participants through a presentation on how they can set up an online presence using Google My Business (GMB) and its many benefits. The trainer also showed them how GMB works to increase the visibility of your business online.

 Next up, was a formal launch and demo of Omnibiz. The demo was presented by Prakash Aryal, Product Manager, Mplify Limited. Prakash took the participants through a presentation that showed the many opportunities that abound online for businesses who want to increase visibility and grow their customer base. He also showed them the various features available on the platform. With Omnibiz, you are able to post about your business on Google My Business, Create a Facebook page, and also post on Facebook as well.

 After the demo, the participants went for a lunch break and were served with light snacks on the house. Our team discussed with a few of the participants who needed more information about the Omnibiz product. 


The next session was a panel discussion on the function of Technological Tools for Transformation of SMEs in Africa. The panelists were senior representatives from Techpoint, Flutterwave, Interswitch, Business Day, Access Bank, LSETF, SMEDAN, Ecobank, Mediareach OMD among others.  The session was moderated by CEO, Omnibiz, Deepankar Rustagi. The panelists were taken through a demo of the Omnibiz platform and they all applauded the features made available saying that it would go a long way in assisting small businesses manage their online presence and business activities. The panelists were also asked to share a few of the tools they use to make business processes easier in their various companies. Some of the tools shared by the panelists include: Gsuite, Slack, CRM tool etc. Participants also took turns to ask questions and the questions were addressed by the panelists. 

 TVC News were on ground to cover happening at the launch and networking event, as well as interview a few key people in the organisation.

Following an interesting panel session, participants and panelists were asked to move up to the lounge for some cocktail and networking. We wined, dined, took pictures and network. Day one of the Omnibiz Launch and Networking was a great event. 

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