New Reporting Relationships

It can be difficult to manage teams and relationships, especially when you have a large team. We’ve made it easier to manage this on Omnibiz. Not only can you specify a user’s role and permissions, but you can also map them with exactly who they should be reporting to.

Steps: From the Settings page, click on Roles to create new roles and reporting relationships. Then navigate to Users’ page to add new users and assign the reporting relationships accordingly.

Map overlay update

We’ve added filters, distance covered, and legend to make the report more meaningful.

Steps: From the app menu, click on team management, then open the Map overlay page. Choose a date, select a user, and view.

Customers “Near me” feature

If you’ve ever wondered how you can optimize your team’s travel/visit plan, we have too! We have launched a future called “Near me” in the address book that rearranges your customer list in order of proximity to your current location. Wherever you are, you can see the customers closest to you, and of course, the map is there to guide you. This can help save time and resources spent on wasteful route plans.

Steps: From the app menu, click on the Customers’ page to view all customers. Then click on ‘Near me’ to arrange the list in order of proximity.

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