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Some journeys are memorable as well as inspirational. Despite the fact that each of us has our own paths to follow and destinations to reach, we love to hear stories of others. Stories of triumph, stories of success and stories of passion. Three years ago Usman Abdulgafar started his journey with Omnibiz with a hope. A hope that this decision would help him reach his destination in an easier manner. Not only was this decision his foray into the digital marketing world but it was also an inventive idea. An idea that he had not explored.

“Are you sure?” “What if this doesn’t help?” “What if they cheat?” “Why not invest in SEO instead?”, were some of the questions his friends and well-wishers asked. He did not have any answers so Omnibiz helped him with them. For starters, registering on Omnibiz is simple and not time-consuming. Mr.Abdulgafar had absolutely nothing to lose. Omnibiz is a trusted platform where hundreds of various professionals are featured. They have instilled their trust in Omnibiz because it not only features the businesses in the best possible way but gives them the marketing boost and connects them to the right customers. It cuts the branding and advertising costs of the professionals. Instead of pumping money into SEO and competing with keywords of competitors, Omnibiz helps professionals get a 360-degree approach, helping them to grow and cut costs simultaneously.

So what did Mr.Abdulgafar’s Gafmekudi Nigeria Limited gain? 

Mr.Abdulgafar shares his story, “My friend Chris was already registered on Omnibiz and his business had grown twice as much within a span of just a year. I couldn’t believe it and had to see this for myself. The day I got registered I was welcomed with open arms. every step of the way Omnibiz helped me. To connect with customers, cut back on my marketing costs, connect me to customers. I was serving as many as 4-5 customers a day! Omnibiz’s auto feature helps me connect with customers and also keep a track.”

Has the relationship changed over the years?

Yes and for better. When I started there was reluctance. Now I am super confident that Omnibiz is one of the most profitable platforms for businesses to flourish. Omnibiz also explores different mediums to promote businesses like blogs that showcase a business and also gives them tips to grow, TV segments that help create brand recall. All this would not only cost us a lot more, but we wouldn’t be able to do this as effectively and professionally as their team does.

Watch him talk about connecting with customers on this TV segment:

How has the business increased 10X?

My revenues shot up with more leads and more importantly genuine leads. The customers do not mind paying what we ask because they know all trusted professionals are a part of the Omnibiz platform. In addition, my cost of marketing and advertising came down drastically further contributing to the bottom line of the business.

What is your advice to other businesses?

Get on the platform! What are you waiting for? It should be the only question that you should be asking yourself. I am glad I have a support system that was concerned for my well being but I wish I had not wasted my time answering the many questions that prevented me from joining Omnibiz as soon as possible. Some tips:

A. Your profile is important- Get all the information updated on the platform as well as get the documents in place. Ensure that you put up the information that is sought by Omnibiz so that you come across as trustworthy to the potential customer.

B. Get rated- Ask your customers to rate you on the website once they avail your services. The higher you are rated, the better are your chances to get hired

C. Quality service, prompt delivery, customer friendly, honesty and consistency in advertising are also key factors for growth.

We hope this story inspires you and gets you to register on the Omnibiz website.

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