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When you start something of your own, you give it your all. No amount of overwork seems like one. Despite the efforts, there can be times when it doesn’t work out. There may be times when you feel the sense of disappointment taking over. When you may not find the inner motivation to go on. To pick up the pieces and rise again, like a phoenix.

Much like a phoenix, our professional from Clasicos Solutions, came over his failures to rise again. We share their story just to help you find the motivation you think you have lost. Such stories not only inspire but make us perspire to try again, and again and again till we succeed.

how to grow your business - clasicos solutionsClasicos Solutions is into sales and installation of satellite TVS, CCTV and video surveillance, access controls, and home automation system integration. They have been in the business for 8 years now and keep waxing stronger. But the picture of success was not always the case.

There were times when things were not working out. Whether it was a sustainable team or raising the appropriate funds. As Mr. Iwajomo Babatunde shares, “Yes, depression or thought of not succeeding is always a big threat to every entrepreneur, same as me. But with God’s strength, I never lose hope. Self-motivation and the strong will and tenacity to keep going has always rescued these thoughts. I keep at it, I never stop. Because I believe consistency is the key to success.”

But what inspired him to keep going? He goes on, “My Dad, Pa James Ola Iwajomo, and my late mum Mrs. Abosede Iwajomo have always been my inspiration. One needs to have a close circle of family and friends to stay inspired. I learned so much from them. Talking about street business sense, smartness and how to never let go of integrity. Draw from the elder’s experience and know how. I learned this from him and I am forever grateful.”

how to grow your business - clasicos solutionsSo, what makes Classicos Solutions the success that it is today? The golden rule, the customer is God. Building a customer base is one, but retaining them is more important. Mr. Iwajomo Babatunde shares, “Customer complaints have always been a paramount issue. We value the good or the bad equally and always want to get a feedback. To know the full satisfaction of customers towards our products and services allows us to improve.”

Coming to building a customer base, VConnect helped in this respect. We are a marketplace where the customers connect with quality professionals. VConnect invests in its platform to provide an easy and seamless experience for the customer. Its verification gives the customer the assurance that the professional is trustworthy and will deliver the services in the best possible manner. Mr. Iwajomo Babatunde reiterates, Years back, we used local mediums to reach out to potential customers who resided in the vicinity our office is located in. We used traditional mediums like banners, posters which we put up. VConnect has actually changed the way we market in a hyperlocal way with less cost. We now get leads from every nook and cranny of Lagos state. It is a big marketplace with optimum trust.”

His suggestion for anyone going through a difficult business time and wanting growth is simple, “I strongly suggest every pro or handyman register on Omnibiz and watch how you will get an increased number of leads in a short time, which will lead to increase in clientele. And yes, draw in your inspirations from your support system and keep going!”

Watch Mr. Iwajomo Babatunde talk about his business and his journey with VConnect.

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