how to give perfect quote to customer

When was the last time you booked a professional yourself to get a job done? If you do remember the time, we are sure you also remember the experience. What was it that made you hire them? They may have made you feel royal before you hired them but that is not the only reason why you would be ready to pay them what they want.

While approaching your customers on a daily basis you must take the lessons learned and apply them. It takes courage to ponder over an idea and realize the dream of being an entrepreneur but it is also the first step. Acquiring customers and sustaining the customer base is what will always keep your business thriving. We at Omnibiz do not just wish to give you assistance with a platform to make yourself visible but also assist you with things that can help you get business. Let us start with how to give the perfect quote to your customer. Giving the perfect quote is not just about the money that you will charge after the service delivery. It is the entire process that makes you pick them. After all, for the customer, it is not just money but value for money.

Here are some ways that can surely help !

1. Start right

Greet them with a smile and address them by their name. Even when you are on a call with them, they can hear you smile. Before you start to address them with their name, you should politely ask them if you can do so. In case you are emailing or messaging the quote, do not forget to address them by their name and make sure you spell it right. It also helps if you do the entire spell check before your first interaction to make a good impression.

2. Customization is the key

When you talk to them or message/email them, make sure you have a customized message for them as per their need. If you can relate to their problem it helps in building a connection right away. For instance, if someone were to hire a massage therapy here is what you can say:

“I would love to help you with getting a relaxing massage at a time suited to you! After a hard days work sometimes all I need is a massage therapy that helps me with my back problem too! Give us a chance”

3. Put your case forward

Your competitors are also ready with similar prices and the customer is wondering why they should hire you and not them. Here is a chance to tell them about yourself, your qualification and passion to handle the job right. Talk about the relevant experience you have in this field and why you choose this as a business.

For instance, “I established Yoko Dry cleaners in the year 2000 and in its 18 years of existence my team has completed tasks like yours efficiently.”

Do not repeat what is already reflected in your profile online on Omnibiz website. They have probably read your profile and are coming to you so copy-pasting the content might not go down well. Even when you talk to them make sure you give them new information or serve the old wine in a new bottle.

4. Break down the price

When you give the customers a generic quote the first thing that comes to their mind is why should I be paying this much? How did you come up with the figure? When you detail the costs out to customers (apart from stating the total) it helps to build trust. For instance, for a house painting job, a particular dimension will take a particular amount of paint cans and manpower. Break it down to the per hour rate and paint cans rate.

5. Chalk out the next steps

Even when you furnish a quote on the phone or via a message, let them know the next steps. What is it that they can expect from the job? Make sure all their questions are answered and they know exactly the course of action you will take. It also gives them the glimpse on how you will be going about the work and adding your unique touch. This is also one of the reasons why a particular customer will pick you, your working style.

We know each and every professional verified on Omnibiz is amazing at what they do. We just want you to get the best out Omnibiz. We wish to enlighten you with more business tips. Keep watching this space for more!


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