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Lead generation plays a great role in keeping a business going. As it is not only important to retain old customers, it is equally important that a business gains more. Thankfully, Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms have provided a number of tools that enterprises can use to advertise their products and services to a large number of audience. Granted, these platforms enable you to reach a very large audience and most likely gather a whole lot of leads. But, how well do these leads convert into actual sales for your B2B services? Are you as an enterprise relating to the exact audience that you want for your business? So, what platform should you advertise on then?

Introducing Omnibiz

Omnibiz as a platform is the go-to place for users in Nigeria who desire a particular service or who need to consult certain service professionals. The Omnibiz platform records over a million visits per day. Because of this, Omnibiz offers different advert solutions for B2B and B2C businesses who want to increase visibility as well as gain customers.

Why Use the Omnibiz’s Lead Generation Platform?

  1. Omnibiz records over 1,000,000 visits per day. And over 56% of the searches on the site are by businesses. You are able to connect with businesses and business owners who need your B2B services at the right time.
  2. With the Omnibiz platform, you are assured that the leads generated will help to increase your sales funnel.
  3. Also, the users who come on Omnibiz to search for services are asked specific questions that enable the system easily filter through and send you leads according to your requirements. For example, as an enterprise, you can choose to receive enquiries from specific states only. You can also filter by type of enquiries. For example, a loan provider can choose to receive enquiries for only business loans or in another case, only personal loans.
  4. No other platform offers you the opportunity to connect instantly with the leads. Once an enquiry is made for a particular service, the businesses concerned get instant email and SMS notifications. Your customer service or sales team are able to get the contact details of the leads, communicate with them and convert into sales in a matter of minutes.
  5. The users who make it to your business dashboard as leads are verified and authentic. To also ensure and continue with this authenticity, the business dashboard has a feature called “rate a lead” where businesses can give feedback on their experience with the leads. The feature includes two emojis. One shows happy emotion and the other shows displeased countenance. This feedback helps us understand just how to make the platform work much better than it already is. Other lead generations platforms may not care to ask how your experience was but, we are more than interested in knowing.

         In the event that you do have an unpleasant experience with a lead, the Omnibiz dispute resolution team carries out investigations and makes settlements where necessary.

How does the lead generation work?

1. Of course, the first place to get started would be to register as a business owner.


2. Fund your wallet and manage everything about your business profile from your dashboard on You can set keywords based on your choice of leads.

Omnibiz lead generation

Lead generation process

This is how we generate leads for you: Say Mr. Tunde is in need of internet services, for his new office branch. We’ll call him the user. He needs internet service providers who will provide internet for business purposes. He logs on to and then types “internet service providers” in the search bar. A form appears asking the user specific questions so as to understand the nature of the user’s request.

internet service providers in lagos

As soon as the form is submitted, our top 3 trusted and verified internet service providers registered on the platform who provide the specific service required by the user, then receives email and SMS notifications as well as a notification on the business dashboard on

Connect Instantly!

The business has the opportunity to connect with the leads directly and instantly through any means. Either by chatting on Whatsapp, on the Omnibiz platform or by calling directly. See? Getting leads is as simple as that.

Omnibiz’s lead generation solution opens B2B enterprises to a world of possibilities. To opt-in for our lead generation, quickly get in contact with Meher on 08187943633. She’s friendly, amazing and she will get you the leads you want.

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