Our series of happiness blogs bring to your stories of our professionals and get you up, close and personal to them. It not only helps you to get to know them a little better, but it also helps you understand what makes them so good at what they do. These dedicated professionals work hard to offer you the services you deserve.
Omnibiz onboard these professionals over a series of careful checks and tests. They have to hold a certain standard of quality to get registered on the platform and get the leads. Today we have Mrs. Theodora Omisande from D-Ril spa, share her reasons for happiness and how her business of spa gives her ample reasons for happiness every day.
Ten questions with Mrs. Theodora Omisande:
1. What makes you happy about your business?
Customer satisfaction. I feel very happy when I get positive feedback from customers after a service or product is used. A satisfied customer will only put in a good word for you everywhere and will give you repeat business. Retaining a customer comes out much cheaper than investing in marketing to get a new customer. Word of mouth marketing is extremely effective as all of us are looking for references in life. Be it a good hotel to stay, a holiday destination to go to or a new restaurant to try- we are looking for suggestions from trustworthy sources.
2. What made you choose Omnibiz?
I needed a platform to expose and showcase my business and Omnibiz fits into that position beautifully. Omnibiz is a state of the art platform that helps you showcase your business with a detailed profile and make your business discoverable. It gave me a great marketing opportunity and the people at Omnibiz also helped me develop a better business sense.
3. What do you really like about your business and how did Omnibiz fit into it?
I get new customers every day. New customers come with a whole of new stories and we build beautiful relationships with them. Whether they are wonderful moms who need a break, professionals who are dabbling and balancing home and work or famous people! They are all under one roof and under my roof! Omnibiz has helped to increase awareness of my business and thereby helped to expand my business.
4. What would you change about your business, any changes you would like to make?
Nothing at all! If anything, I would like to grow it just the way it is. I hope I do not sound pompous (laughs),  I am just proud of where I am and hopeful of where I can be.
5. What are the qualities that your business exemplifies, what special qualities does your business have?
We possess a unique customer service and we make use of very effective natural products. All our products are made from natural ingredients and work for specific skin types making the whole experience customized and personalized. This makes our customers feel special and refreshed.
6. What is your business doing differently,  what do you do that makes your business unique?
For us, customer service is extremely important. We spend a significant time explaining the exclusive products that we have and the process that they will undergo with every service.
7. Where is your business headed from here? 
We aim at being the best and biggest Spa in Nigeria and Africa.
8. How can others learn from you, what learnings can you share about your success so far with newcomers?
Business is a seed you plant that grows over time with lots of nourishment and patience to become a tree. I would advise all the newcomers and people interested in starting their own business to be patient and be at it! Nothing good happens overnight. Luck only helps one person till a certain point, the rest of your journey is determined by hard work.
9. Share some hiccups and challenges during your climb of the ladder of success.
Challenges of having to compete with professionals who are not so professional. Some people play dirty and undermine your business, try to pull you down. You have to keep your head in the game.
10. What is your happiness mantra for a successful business, what are the things you do repeatedly to make your business grow?
Marketing, marketing, and marketing
We hope it helps all the dreamers out there to learn from the established professionals onboard. For all of you, Omnibiz is the platform that will help every step of the way if you have your head in the game!

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