The second blog in the series, this time we have Mr. Lekan from Zenith Carex International Limited sharing his idea of it. Incorporated on the 1st November 2002, Zenith Carex International Limited has come a long way in these 16 years. A nearly two decade of existence comes with its fair share of happiness and challenges. Mr. Lekan has taken a frontline position in the air express delivery industry in less than a decade. Known for its dependable and timely service, Mr. Lekan takes pride in positioning Zenith Carex as a trustworthy brand amongst his customers.

What does one look from a delivery service? Timely delivery with excellent service, just so you know that your documents and packages reach the desired destination on time. Be it a gift for someone special or a birthday surprise, a timely delivery of important documents or papers that need to be filed last minute, Zenith Carex as a freight partner lends that trust that helps you stay calm.

Today, we will learn what this incredible journey of Mr.Laken has been like. How his company ensures delivering happiness….on time!

1. What makes you happy about your business?
Happiness is a journey with great rewards when one reaches a destination. We have been through so many challenges in the business and overcoming all of it has been blissful to say the least. From getting registered to get our first customer to driving our focus towards air express deliveries, the journey was not easy. So I guess, happiness is gaining profits in a business at the end of the day which is a great measure of your efforts.
2. What made you choose Omnibiz?
Zenith Carex chose Omnibiz because of the opportunities it presents. Omnibiz creates more awareness and helps us to connect with genuine customers. It is a well-rounded platform that helps us focus on our strengths and makes us work on weaknesses. For instance, the business of freight delivery is very direct and not descriptive. But writing about us on our profile on Omnibiz or a platform like this blog has given us opportunities to learn. At the same time, the questions asked once a customer logs in and try to locate a delivery service provider give us genuine leads and a clear idea of the customer’s intent.
3. How did Omnibiz help with happiness that comes from success?
Omnibiz has a very strong online presence, one that is extremely important in the digital world we live in. It helps with happiness by forming strong online connections. Zenith Carex gets to connect with genuine customers and leads that help in the growth of business manifold.
4. What would you change about your business?
Freight and delivery business is tricky in the sense that a slight change in policies can hamper the bottom line of the business significantly. If I could change one thing I would change the Government Taxes on private companies. (laughs) I guess I will be happier if they are absent!
5. What are the qualities that your business exemplifies?
The qualities our business exemplifies is integrity, trust, and speed.
6. What is that your business is doing differently?
We see our challenges as opportunities. From the time of registration to now. I guess it makes our collective mindset very open. For instance, even at the time of registering with Omnibiz we were not one bit skeptical and welcomed the idea of it with open arms.
7. Where is your business headed from here?
Upwards and onwards! If you want me to be more specific, more recognition through branding efforts, more profit margins by cutting our costs and spending smartly, expansion through more branches and more employees who share the dream.
8. How can others learn from you?
We are a result oriented company. Every action of ours is with an objective and we are pretty quick to admit if an effort is not resulting in desired profits. It is extremely important to stay focussed and not waste energy on efforts that may not give a tangible result.
9. Share some hiccups and challenges during your climb on the ladder of success
Oh, there have been plenty! Every day is a challenge. I guess one that I can talk about is the fact why we decided to focus on air express delivery. It was a decision that made us the masters of one wing, while Jack of the other trades. I think we decided on this with the thought that a focussed approach and communication comes across as the same to a potential client.
10. What is your happiness mantra for a successful business?
Our happiness relies on good service delivery to our clients and also clients satisfaction.
We hope these lessons of experts helps you learn a thing or two. Until next time, more on happiness and success, because doesn’t one lead to another? 🙂

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