How many of you have come across the internet memes of “happiness is”?. All of us are looking for happiness, a sliver of hope that brings a smile to our faces. For some, it may be the extra hour with our loved ones and for others, a promotion. For Ms. Helen Gbinigie from Family Affairs Beauty Spa, it was realizing her dream.

For over a decade Helen mulled over the idea of creating a spa chain that would cater to the needs of people and de-stress them. It is her way of bringing happiness to people, as she puts it. It took her a while to develop the perfect skills for a salon, how to create the right aura and most of all-how to realize her dream of building a successful spa chain.

Staring with this post, we bring to a series of blogs that will give you an insight into the lives and minds of successful professionals on Omnibiz. How they realized what it will take to walk the path of happiness and how it all materialized.

1. Why does your happiness lie in this business?

My happiness IS my business. And that is because it is the living proof that I am living my dream. I have had to make some courageous decisions along the way to begin the business and to make sure that it was successful not just for the employees who believe in my dream, but my esteemed customers. We fell a lot of times along the way but the path of happiness is beautiful when we can pick our battered selves up everytime we fall to reach where we want to reach.

2. Why Omnibiz?

Omnibiz as a platform was like a milestone that comes in my way. It is a platform that encourages dreamers like me. It is important to find support and acknowledge it along the way. No one gets to the ultimate destination without the support of co-travelers.

3. How did Omnibiz help with happiness that comes from success?

Omnibiz helped to broaden my client base thereby increasing my happiness. Omnibiz not only swooped in like a knight in shining armor but it strengthened me as a businesswoman by giving me genuine leads as well as the right training. You may prepare yourself all you want before you begin but you really learn on the job. Omnibiz was the perfect teacher!

4. What would you change about your business?

Once you reach a destination, you realize that happiness is a constant journey. It is when I started Family Affairs Beauty Spa that I realized it does not end here. I have to keep going. To start with I would like to improve my advertising strategies. And again Omnibiz comes as part of the plan with the marketing they do to promote clients. Certain things (like this blog for instance) may seem like time-consuming when actually these can be tools for an innovative advertising strategy.

5. What are the qualities that your business exemplifies?

My business exemplifies professionalism and client’s satisfaction. For me, it is extremely important that I share my happiness with others and my customers are the perfect outlet for that. There is nothing more satisfying than a smile on my customer’s face.

6. What is it that your business is doing differently?

Personalization is the key to my business’s success. My business renders personalized services by providing treatments and products that address the issue of each client. I do not recommend products for the sake of a sale and ensure that my team understands the problem of the client. Whether it is to get a spa, a facial or a particular hairstyle, my recommendations are based on their requirement.

7. Where is your business headed from here?

Like I said, happiness is an ongoing journey. I have only traveled a short distance of what now seems like a long journey for Family Affairs Beauty Spa.  My business is now heading towards global presence and recognition.

8. How can others learn from you?

I cannot stress enough on the fact that co-travelers are important at every step of the way. Whether it is to share the burden or knowledge. To share the knowledge of one’s journey makes one learn even more. Others can learn from us through training and workshops. We would be happy to help those who want to make a mark in the same business. The motive of Omnibiz to share my story is to only share the lessons that may help someone else.

9. Share some hiccups and challenges during your climb on the ladder of success.

Day to day affairs of a business brings with it a new challenge and a hiccup every day. For Family Affairs Spa we have often faced challenges with the power supply. The lack of dedicated staff or employees who share your values and vision as well as big bucket costs such as advertising and marketing are some of the hiccups or challenges.

10. What is your happiness mantra for a successful business?

It is simple! My happiness mantra for a successful business is a very effective advert system and customer satisfaction.

We hope you can learn from her journey and shares your journey as well for others to learn from. Keep watching this space for more tips!

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