Whenever you go out to eat, what is it that you look for? You probably ask friends and loved ones to help you with a restaurant that they have tried. Suggestions matter a lot in making a decision of purchase. Whether it is of services or purchasing a product. Similarly, for your potential clients, testimonials matter a lot. It matters to them what their friends recommend or what many users are happy with. In the time of making quicker decisions, it becomes tedious to go through the process of research, quality and trusty platforms to buy and finally what has the approval of the majority.

Now Omnibiz solves half of your problem as it is synonymous with carefully researched and picked professionals, and trusty ones as well. So getting registered on the Omnibiz platform already gets you closer to potential customers and increase your business. But how can you make sure your good work gets its due credit?

Here are five easy steps to get better reviews for work:

a. Develop a database of your customers

You should always maintain a database of customers-past and present. Information like phone number, email id, birthdays/ anniversary helps you to keep in touch as well as reach out to customers for exclusive offers and have them repeat your service. It is also important to not be too intrusive in asking for the information and assure your customers that the information will not be misused and their privacy will be respected.

b. Ask old clients to leave reviews

Reach out to old clients (through the maintained database) and ask them to leave your reviews on the Omnibiz platform. Even if they haven’t booked you through Omnibiz, their association (and a positive one at that) will help you gain brownie points when your potential customers compare your profile with others.

c. Interact after project completion

After every project is completed, take time to gather feedback from the client on the job delivered. Check on them after a while whether the delivered service still holds good. This will make them warm to the idea of leaving you a review for your work on any platform. Seeing the professional taking the time out to take care of a client’s work even after the payment has been made makes for a good customer service.

d. Take criticism well

If a customer has something bad to say to you, understand why instead of taking the criticism with a pinch of salt. It is important to take the bad with the good constructively and make up for it. If a customer has a bad review to leave on the profile, or anywhere-reply to it Start by apologizing because they feel a certain way before giving an explanation of the circumstances. Offer solace on the public forum so that potential customers feel something right was done. People (customers) are not always right, but you need to take the criticism with equal love as you take the compliments with.

e. Make the best of the opportunity

Omnibiz offers the professional a number of ways to reach the customer. We have emphasized the importance of ratings and how it is important to treat the customers well with a professional attitude. For starters, reach out to us if you feel we are not taking enough efforts and try to give us inputs with your professional advice. Every great advice has a high chance of getting featured on the blog and reach your customers. Make the customers also understand how a review matters and what a powerful tool it is. Share the relevant blogs with your customers and amplify the opportunity that this platform gives you.

We hope these tips help. Believe us that they are extremely simple to employ and yet very effective in helping your business grow.


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