We know how difficult it is to start a business and cultivate it. It is like watching your dream unfold and all you seek is support. If you know you are good at your job and commit to working for the benefit of the customers with all honesty, encouragement comes easily.

When Ejiro’s Place and Spa came onboard the Omnibiz platform, it was a delight to have a business owner who endeavoured to deliver on her promises. Ejiro Charles Ewa is a professional skincare therapist and cosmetologist who dominates the world of beauty with excellence and skill. She is the CEO of Ejiro Place and Spa, located at Opebi in Ikeja. She got in touch with Omnibiz a couple of years back when she was failing to identify and reach out to customers. Registering on Omnibiz proved to be a ‘gamechanger’ for her (as she puts it). She found customers who were genuinely interested in buying spa services and were willing to pay the price for premium and quality services.

What does she really mean by premium price?

Source: https://www.facebook.com/ejirosplace/

“Customers are constantly looking for quality. Premium here does not mean a lot of money, it is value for your money. We take utmost care in using the best products and training techniques so the results are delivered. Body care, spa, and skin treatments need to be delivered with great caution and care. Omnibiz agreed with me on this account and followed NO COMPROMISE on quality policy. It communicated the same to the customers through its marketing efforts. When one associates with Omnibiz, customers automatically assume that we deliver great quality and pay us the price for it.”

But is the registration as easy as she makes it sound?

“It’s pretty easy, you get registered, Omnibiz verifies you and then sends you the invitation and when you accept, life takes a turn for better” shares Ejiro. She continues “Yes it can be overwhelming to receive so many leads after you’ve experienced a lull in business for so long. But Omnibiz trains us on how to go about it. Give the right quote, greet them right etc. If they have taken the pains to fill out a form to get a professional, they mean business. And as a business professional, my promise is to deliver.”

Why is rating a great way to get promoted?


“I have to maintain a consistency in my services. I make sure I ask the customers to rate me, even if it is a negative feedback. It should be welcomed”, Ejiro reiterates our consistent plea of how important getting reviewed is.

How else does Omnibiz help?


Once the user logs on to the website and selects the specific service (say facial), they are asked a series of questions. Like their skin type, if they are allergic to something if their skin is sensitive etc. This information is shared with professionals so they can deliver the service that you not only want but also need. “It is information like this, small details that Omnibiz shares that help us to serve better. Generally, customers who drop by the spa or directly contact us would not share such details until asked. The questionnaire makes them ponder for answers which help us. It has also made me organize and structure the business in a much better way. What I am trying to say is Omnibiz’s approach to helping businesses is not restricted to just onboarding a professional. They get you genuine leads, tell you how to sustain your customer base, help you get organized in your marketing efforts etc. Because Omnibiz is like that elderly who you go to for advice and they are always there, I am able to maintain my standards of quality without worrying too much about how will I get customers.”

Watch her discussion with the TVC Wake Up Nigeria anchor, where she tells us about how her association with Omnibiz helped her business in every way. If you would like to get same result as Ejiro, or even more, go ahead and register with us!

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