Nigerians have always sought better quality education and opportunities outside the country. However, most countries outside Africa (and even some within Africa) require a special student visa for international students.

From our research, there are several countries that Nigerians go to for higher education. Some countries are however more popular than others due to factors like work opportunities, cost of education, immigration policies, etc.

We have picked out the top five countries from the long list and simplified the application process for all five. The five countries are Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Cyprus, and Australia.  

At the mention of a visa, you might get scared. Don’t worry; getting a student visa is not rocket science. With this list, you’ll have everything you need.

Most student visa applications have similar requirements. They all require you to provide the following:

1. Proof of Admission

To apply for any student visa, you need to make sure you’ve been admitted to a school in the respective country. Your admission letter (or confirmation of enrollment certificate in the case of an Australian student visa) will stand as a proof of admission.

2. Valid International Passport

If the expiry date of your passport is close, make sure you renew it months before you intend to submit your visa application. Your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after your visa is granted.

3. Proof of Financial Support

You need to provide proof that you’re financially capable of paying your school fees and living expenses abroad. They want to know that you won’t be a burden to their government. You can do this by providing bank statements showing sufficient funds. If you’ll be attending school on a scholarship, provide documentation which verifies your scholarship .e.g. your scholarship letter.

Before you apply, check for tuition and living costs of studying in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and Dubai.  

4. Academic Transcripts or Certificates

You should provide original copies of transcripts, exam certificates, and certificates earned from all schools attended prior to the school you want to attend. You just need to be able to present documents which show your past academic performance. You can also decide to attach a resume of documents from your current or previous place of work.

5. Passport Photographs

You need to take passport photographs for every visa application. However, every country has different specifications on photo dimensions and numbers. For example, for the U.S Visa Application, the passport picture dimensions are wider than the regular passport picture. Make sure you check ahead and tell the photographer what you’re taking the picture for. They usually know the correct dimensions.

6. Visa Application Form

The first major step in your student visa application is filling an application form. Most countries have a dedicated website for online applications. For Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Dubai and Canada.

7. Visa Application Fee

With the application form, you need to pay an application fee. The application fees for:

Canada  – 150 Canadian Dollars – approximately 44,400 Naira

United States – 160 US Dollars – approximately 57,700 Naira

Dubai – depends on the university but can range from AED 2720 i.e. 266,950 Naira

United Kingdom – £322 + the health surcharge which is £150 per study year. For a one-year program, that is approximately £420 – 205,030 Naira

Australia – 560 Australian Dollars – 161,390 Naira

8. Additional Requirements

Apart from the mentioned requirements, some countries require additional things as part of their visa application process. For example, for a Canadian or Australian Visa, you may need to get a medical clearance and Criminal Record Check/police report. These will attract extra costs.

9. Attend a visa interview

For most first-time visa applications, the respective embassy will require you to attend a physical interview and present all your supporting documents.  Don’t be nervous; just make sure you have everything we’ve listed. You should do further research just to be safe.

If it’s hard to keep up with the long list of requirements and costs, don’t stress. Find Visa Agents on Omnibiz to help process your visa application. Good luck!

Not a student but still want to travel? Here the Top 5 visas Nigerians want and how much they cost.

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