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The 2018 year that is gone. We become nostalgic of the year goes by. We try to remember the good that it has brought us and we try to learn the lessons from the bad we have faced. Here you will know Top 10 Business in Nigeria 2019 as per their growth, profit, revenue in

Happiness is…Delivering it on Time

The second blog in the series, this time we have Mr. Lekan from Zenith Carex International Limited sharing his idea of it. Incorporated on the 1st November 2002, Zenith Carex International Limited has come a long way in these 16 years. A nearly two decade of existence comes with its fair share of happiness and

9ja print with vconnect
The Ninja Who Wears a Million Hats – 9ja Pri...

Over the past few weeks, we have been bringing you stories of our professionals who have made it big with their hard work and exemplary quality of work, with a little support from us. 9ja Print in Lagos, Nigeria is one such organization who has been a partner with Omnibiz for quite some time now.

Ejiro’s Place and Spa – How Omnibiz He...

We know how difficult it is to start a business and cultivate it. It is like watching your dream unfold and all you seek is support. If you know you are good at your job and commit to working for the benefit of the customers with all honesty, encouragement comes easily. When Ejiro’s Place and

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