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Why Do I Need A Webiste
Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Professio...

If you’re a small business owner or you’re just starting out, like many other business owners, you may think – ‘Why do I need a website?’ when can do everything offline. Perhaps you don’t purchase online so you think your customers don’t use the website to purchase any items online or maybe a few customers

The tech start-up revolutionizing SME growth in Af...

Lagos, Nigeria, June 29th, 2019: A Lagos based tech start-up that provides a holistic growth solution to SMEs across Sub-Saharan Africa has officially launched its new platform, Omnibiz, in 8 countries – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Omnibiz is a one-stop business hub for SMEs across sub-Saharan Africa. This platform

The 7 Insurance Policies you must get in Nigeria

Did you know that there are seven compulsory insurance policies in Nigeria? Yes, the Federal Government has made it compulsory for every individual and business in the country to be protected by a few insurance policies. Here at Omnibiz, we’ve helped you put together a list. Motor Third-Party Insurance People who have been caught by law

grow business by 50%
How Companies Can Increase Lead Generation by 50%

Lead generation plays a great role in keeping a business going. As it is not only important to retain old customers, it is equally important that a business gains more. Thankfully, Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms have provided a number of tools that enterprises can use to advertise their products and services to

7 Ways to Declutter Your Mind by Keeping Your Offi...

Every morning you need to find the motivation to get off your comfortable bed and head to work. Whether it is your own office or a job, you like to give it your best. Studies have shown that a decluttered workspace or a clean office not only improve productivity but also keeps anxiety and stress

Omnibiz Introduces Attractive Plans For Business G...

  At this point, you have received the email from us informing you about the up-gradation to our new plans that have some AMAZING exclusive benefits reserved for very few businesses – people LIKE you, entirely for free! In this blog, we will attempt to make you understand more about the plans in detail so that

A 5-Step Guide to Applying for a Small Business Lo...

You’ve used up all of your resources in setting up your business and it is doing okay. But “okay” isn’t what you are going for. You want your business to thrive and you know it needs some extra cash injected into it. Hence, the need for a business loan. You need to know how to

Cost & Requirements to Apply for a Student Vi...

Nigerians have always sought better quality education and opportunities outside the country. However, most countries outside Africa (and even some within Africa) require a special student visa for international students. From our research, there are several countries that Nigerians go to for higher education. Some countries are however more popular than others due to factors

10 Places To Repair Your Phone In Lagos

Phones are almost next to air in the world right now. These days, people nearly bond with their phones more than they bond with other humans. You might be able to go without food for a whole day but can’t be without your phone for an hour. Phone repairs happen quite often. Phones naturally develop

Wahab Has Used The Same Phone For 5 Years. Here...

Every Nigerian wants to own the best clothes, cars or phones. However, it is one thing to own expensive or luxurious items, and it is another thing to maintain them. With mobile phones, they always have a way of getting spoilt, lost or stolen. Even if you’ve never had your phone stolen or lost it,

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