We’ve all been there, sadly. A favorite shirt turned into casual wear around the house or your favorite Agbada now so faded that the only way to get any more use out of it is to convert to sleepwear.

How do the soaps we use for laundry affect our clothes and how can we take adequate steps to ensure that we use the right soaps, hence increasing the value we get from our clothes?

There are a number of factors involved in choosing the right soap(s) for your laundry needs namely;

Texture of the clothes

The texture of the clothes plays a big part in the process of choosing the right soap(s) to do laundry with. Different materials such as silk, cotton, wool, polyester, cashmere etc. have different textures and hence, different detergents should be used to wash them.

Detergents used to wash clothes made from fabrics like wool and silk should be checked well to ensure that they contain no bleach as this will have an adverse effect on the fabric.

Colour of the clothes

The color also plays a big part in determining the type of soap to be used in doing your laundry, but the first step is to separate the clothes. White from colored clothes, black from white and so on, otherwise there’s a very strong likelihood that the colors will run together and stain the lighter-colored clothes. Also, using cold water is preferable to using hot/warm water as this causes less wear on the clothes.

What do you use the clothes for?

For heavy-duty wear such as socks and trousers (particularly the cuffs), a strong detergent is advisable along with a lot of scrubbing. However, for delicate clothing items like underwear/lingerie and handkerchiefs, a mild (usually liquid) detergent is to be used.

What the tags say

The annoying tags on the inside of clothes that sometimes scratch the body? They are actually where you can get information about the clothing item, and the right kind of way to wash it.

Really dirty clothes

For those with active kids that love to play sports at school, the sight of a child coming home with dirty socks/uniform isn’t an uncommon one. To fix this, especially if the clothing items are white (cannot peel and stain other clothes), the best thing to do is to soak the clothing item in a mixture of bleach and water and then to wash with a strong detergent after, say, thirty minutes.

While most of the soaps I mentioned are detergents, there is also a need for bar soaps. With items like jeans, corduroys, and others, as long as the water lathers easily, bar soaps are the best kind for washing the tougher fabrics.

Don’t have the time to do your own washing or you just do like washing your clothes by yourself? Let these professional laundry services on VConnect get the job done. (Quick secret: they know the right soaps to use)


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