We’ve just launched a number of new features that allow you to do more with your data. Now you can download all customer and sales data. What’s more? Now you can see a MAP view of your team’s activities too!

All this enables you to make smarter business decisions for your growth.

See the steps below:

Customer Data Download

You can now export your customer data, it’s your data and you should be able to use it anywhere you wish to. Now you can download all of the information captured for each of your customers, to do this please follow these simple steps.

Steps: After logging into your account, you will need to select Customer Management from the navigation menu on the Left, then click on Customers. A Download Button(at the top of the table)has been added inorder to download your customer Data.

Sales Order

Review how frequently your sales team is placing an order and view the payment type for each. 

Steps: For Sales Order Download, From the Order Management menu on the left , you click on “Sales Order”, a list of Orders is displayed. Click on the Download Button (at the top of the table) to download your customer Data.

Map Overlay

Easily view your product reach and market penetration from our Map.

The map view allows you to view the activities of your field team on the map. Please follow the steps below to see it in action.

Steps: To use this feature you will need to enable Map view in Customer Management Settings, in the Settings Area.

From Team Management, click on ‘User activities’. You can now select the sales executive you want to view on the map.

Team Attendance Report

Our Admin Landing Page got a new look. If you’re an Admin, you will see your Dashboard immediately after login. From here, you can check attendance by clicking on the active users.

Attendance Details

It opens team members’ attendance details. Click on the download icon to download your data

Assigned Teams

On the same dashboard, admin can also see and track their respective teams/zones

Team Plan

You can now view your team’s Plan, From Customer Management, click on Calendar for admin to view the team’s plan

That’s all for now,

We’re constantly working to improve on our product from time to time.

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