Offline CRM

Access Omnibiz wherever you go without any interruption even when no connectivity

Nowadays, work is no longer limited to the office, especially for sales and marketing teams. Going out there, talking to and building relationships with clients is necessary for sales to happen. Companies provide web or mobile apps to make access to real-time information and selling easier.

Regardless of the great value, such apps offer, connectivity is often a challenge, especially in remote areas where this is rather poor. For you, the salesman, do you give up or lose your sales opportunity due to this limitation?

No matter where you are—home, office, bus, car, train, or flight—lack of Internet will no longer get in the way of your work.

Omnibiz Offline!

You can now access and update your work with little or no internet connectivity. All you have to do is enable Omnibiz Offline Mode in just a few quick steps. To get started, Just turn on the Offline Mode in your Omnibiz account settings.

Below are features you will be able to use while offline

  1. Add a Contact
  2. Add a Lead
  3. Change the stage of a lead
  4. Reassign a lead
  5. Check-in
  6. Add a task
  7. Create an order
  8. Add order payment details
  9. Send Invoice

Data for these features will then be automatically synced to your browser storage and to be made available to you when you go offline.

Besides being able to access saved data of customers, you can even update the new data for these modules. The data are stored in the browser cache and get synced to the database once your connection is back. Offline Mode is a small step towards providing you with the best of Omnibiz services, even when you’re disconnected. Explore Now!

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