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Over the past few weeks, we have been bringing you stories of our professionals who have made it big with their hard work and exemplary quality of work, with a little support from us. 9ja Print in Lagos, Nigeria is one such organization who has been a partner with Omnibiz for quite some time now. The primary service of the organization is printing with expertise in branding as well. What makes 9ja special?

The CEO of 9ja print, Deolu Gbamigbe states that “Despite the advent of digital media and its popularity, the print is still an important aspect of marketing. Be it printing on merchandise such as bags, mugs, t-shirts or printing branding collaterals such as posters, visiting cards, banners, letterheads, and the most important aspect-print ads. The print is like your first visual appearance to a potential customer-kind of like your first impression. And the customer will be impressed basis the quality of the colors, paper as well as the execution of the identity.”

9ja print understands the essence of it which is why it deems it important to learn every aspect of it for the perfect execution.

Wearing the many hats 


Source: 9ja Print

Deolu Gbamigbe was a good student. When he was growing up, he did not have it easy. His family provided the best they could for him and it was in the course of growing that he was taught the art of multi-tasking. Even at 9ja print, he leads by example. It is under one roof that you can have all your designing and printing needs addresses. Deolu is an entrepreneur who has championed many startups as a University student in the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. He currently runs a chain of businesses but his most recent venture is the 9japrint brand, a one-stop all-purpose media, and printing site. He has taken every project with excitement, customizing solutions to fit purpose and budget. Deolu Gbamigbe says, “Generally people want to get things printed as they want to sell. Good quality and graphic designs go a long way. I was always fascinated with ideas and wanted to see them through. Hence the chain of startups that have worked well not just for me but also for others involved. Colors are equally fascinating. Even a slight change in RGB can give you a completely different look. It is this passion that translates to the work I deliver through 9ja Print.”

Brand Tie-ups 

Source: 9ja Print

Looking at multiple mediums of marketing is what brought Deolu to Omnibiz. “Things with Omnibiz moved very fast, almost as soon as I got on board with them. The relationship has only thrived over the years. The processes are simple, the team is extremely interactive and they keep you updated with the latest means of marketing and branding techniques. They believe in the philosophy that growth needs to come together. One needs to move together to reach the point of success”, Deolu shares.

Client Speak 

Source: 9ja Print

Deolu believes that one size does not fit all. He customizes the project and the budget as per the customer and goes all out for them. “It is important to understand what they want, not how much. I do not measure every work basis just monetary measures. There is an enriching experience that comes into play interacting with customers”, Deolu shares.

Some of his clients shared their thoughts with Omnibiz on the services. Among his prestigious list of customers are also Government projects that the institutions trust him with. Despite having the whos who as clientele, 9ja treats everyone equally, delivering the best service in the best possible budget.

“Very very very effective and they communicate calmly. Their services are very much quality.”


“9japrint’s printing is superb and they deliver perfectly well. In fact, they are the best”


“Omnibiz is simply the best. The whole process was so easy for me and I got the right service professional in 9ja Print who gave me exactly what I want and right on time. I would recommend anyone to use Omnibiz to get the right service professional.”


Take a look at the video where CEO Deolu Gbamigbe of 9ja print shares his journey with Omnibiz in detail in our weekly TV segment. To book 9ja print and professionals like them, log on to Omnibiz now!

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