Every morning you need to find the motivation to get off your comfortable bed and head to work. Whether it is your own office or a job, you like to give it your best. Studies have shown that a decluttered workspace or a clean office not only improve productivity but also keeps anxiety and stress at bay. After all the motivation to work should come easy, shouldn’t it? And what better to add to the motivation than an inviting and beautiful office!

Simple ways and efforts can make your workers happier. Companies these days invest millions in making a creative office where thoughts are given wind to turn them into action. Why would anyone want to spend a major part of their lives in an office that is dirty, filthy or doesn’t make them happy?

Here are 7 easy ways you can keep your mind decluttered with a clean office:

1. Start basic

Clean up your desk and your laptop/computer screen. Remove unnecessary papers, trash etc. from the desk drawers and particularly your desk. If need be, get an organizer that helps you to keep the things in place. A clean desktop of a computer/laptop with designated folders also helps you to find the required files quickly and easily. It helps you to be more organized.

2. Instate bins

If you have a shared workspace have at least one bin in the area and make sure the cleaning staff empties it every day. It is better to segregate bins as recyclable and nonrecyclable waste or dry and wet waste. If you do not have enough space for the same, just put a bag within the bin before putting your waste so that it can be removed easily and doesn’t make the bin dirty.

3. Keep the bathrooms clean

Get the bathrooms cleaned on a daily basis and thoroughly on a weekly basis. A reliable cleaning service from Omnibiz, can also provide you with janitorial services that keep the bathrooms hygienic for everyone’s use. As a personal practice, adopt ways to encourage employees to keep it clean as well by contributing to basic bathroom etiquette.

4. Beautify the view

If your building has glass walls, there is a chance why you wouldn’t want the view to get clouded with a layer of dust. Imagine stretching for a break to catch a glimpse of the outside world and all you see is dirt on the glass panels. Now that wouldn’t be a pretty sight, would it? Get a reliable professional to get skyscraper windows cleaned on a daily basis from Omnibiz and do not let that view get tainted.

5. Keep away the pests 

Pests are not only a nuisance but can also spread a lot of diseases. A place where you spend more than even your home should be a clean haven. As an employer (and as an employee) you have the responsibility to keep the workspace clean and keeping pests away is part of the deal. Get fumigation services as an annual ritual in your office space from reliable professionals of Omnibiz.

6. Add accessories 

Add accessories to your desk that not only beautify it but also add a personal touch. You can keep potpourri or a room freshener to keep the workspace smelling great. Adding plants to the office also gives life to the concrete walls and workstations. Plants that keep insects at bay and are good for health as well can be kept on the workstation as potted plants.

7. Annual clean up

An annual clean up is a great idea. A professional to help you with upholstery cleaning and floor cleaning on a periodic basis can keep all the workers happy (including yourself). since most offices are carpeted almost entirely, you should also have the carpets cleaned of the office. Dirt in the carpet tends to stick and cause harm more than one would know as it is not visible to the naked eye, especially if the color of the carpet is dark.

We hope these tips help you to get a productive and clean workspace. After all, everyone deserves a space like that!

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