A pitch is your make or break moment with a client. After the favorable first impressions comes a point when you have to talk business. To get a customer to hire you, thoroughness on many counts is needed. More so because this is the moment when they make up their mind to hire you.

You may have seen many pitches, but hardly any that hit it out of the park. A good pitch hits the key components, but only a handful have the ability to be touted as great. The fundamentals of setting yourself for a good pitch comes from the fact that you have a good profile-your first impression. A good profile with all the essential elements (profile image, images, references, ratings, details of the business, digital footprint of business etc.) in place is your first impression and the customer will only move forward after they are convinced of this.

So what happens next? Here we tell you 9 things that you should consider to make that perfect pitch!

1. Tell a story

Have a structure to your pitch. An opening, a middle and an end. Try to open with a real and a happy customer story. It just adds real elements to your pitch. Your customer does not know you and anecdotes help them picture you.

2. Prioritize the most important things

When you are in a business, you tend to feel every information is important. It is really not. Identify things that your customer may find interesting and highlight those instead of everything. If you have no information about the customer, play off their requirement. For instance, if your specialty is renovations and the customer wants their bathroom renovated, start with what they want and highlight that. Only when your customer is hooked talk about the add-on services you can offer.

3. Add personal elements

Address them with their complete name or surname, but tell them to call you by your first name to develop a familiarity. It is important that the customer knows you before your business so take them through your CV. What you have done, studied and what has led you the point you are at in your life. Also, give them a sneak peak into why your business matters to you. Words like passion, drive, dream etc. make them realize that this more than “just a job” for your you.

4. Crystal clear presentation

Think of a person who does not understand your business at all and talk to them before talking to your customer. You are not pitching to someone who is working in the same business, hence encourage questions and answer them with precision and simplicity. Do not use complicated jargons just to sound smart. Make it simple for them. Outline your business model as well when you take them through your presentation.

5. Address the competition

Talk about your competition before the customer asks you. It portrays that you are ready to take them head on and projects confidence. If need be, without bashing the competition, bring about the difference in services that your company provides. For example, state the add-ons, complimentary services, follow-ups, attention to feedback etc.

6. Showcase your product

We know its difficult to “show” services but you can showcase the equipment, products to render those services. In addition, a video of service delivery also makes a good impact. During your pitch, if you get the opportunity to do so, do not let it go to waste.

7. Be patient

Show patience with the number and type of questions the customer asks. You know your business well, your customer does not. Additionally, show patience after you have delivered the pitch for the customer to make up his/her mind. In fact, let them know that you understand that such things take time but express some constraints (if any) if they take too much time. For example, challenges like availability, holiday season, price change etc.

We hope you are ready to pitch to your client and bag them as a customer for life. If you are unsure of the process, Omnibiz professionals will be happy to help you and listen to a dry run of the pitch. We will be sharing more tips regularly so keep in touch!


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