Here is a true story. Recently a friend wanted to remodel her bathroom completely. It was going to be for the long haul and needed the works. She got in touch with 5 contractors to do the job including a friend who was in the same business. Only 4 called back to set appointments and only 3 showed up to those appointments. The 3 spent significant time talking about the project at hand. They discussed ideas and even sketched out a rough plan. This included the friend. Only 2 called up after showing her the plan and share the budget. One was way over the communicated budget and the other was just about right there. Guess who the work? Yes, the one who listened and followed up every time. And no it was not her friend!

A surprising 30% of professionals give up on following up on a discussed job. What they are not being told is that about 80% of jobs need following up with the client at least 5 times. So our next question to you is how may leads have not converted because you did not follow up?

This blog not only tells you why it is important to follow up (if you didn’t get that already) but also tells you 6 ways to follow up with your leads for a conversion:

1. Get a system in place

Getting a CRM or a customer relationship management system helps you more than you can imagine. You can customize a system or a filing method that helps you to keep a track on the customer’s needs and sets reminders on when to call and what to call for. You can automate your communication not just to stay in touch with them but also do a lot more.

2. Get a person in place

If a system does not work, have a dedicated person (assistant or a secretary) who can help you keep track and details of the customers. Even CEO’s at the biggest of organizations have an executive assistant who helps them keep a track about day to day matters with the long-term in view.  An assistant can also act as your representative once the initial meeting happens (if you get engaged with other clients) just so the new client doesn’t feel unwanted.

3. Don’t put it off

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Never procrastinate on things that you can do today and commit to things to cross them off a to-do list. If you keep putting important tasks and following up chances are the first impression that you set for the client is not going to be a favorable one. More than you get the client’s work, it is the client opinion and circle of influence you are going to effect by being lazy. Imagine the network your client will be recommending you to if professionalism and dexterity are what you use to deal with them.

4. Be consistent

Consistency and persistence is the key. Your initial contact with the client is only going to pave the path for the future if you give the client your 100% and a genuine chance. All you have to do is set up the following up reminders and space them out well. Have an agenda with every follow-up. Don’t just call them with the heck of calling. Make sure when you are calling them, it is because the ball is in your court, that is, you are supposed to get back to them with something.

5. Genuinely help

Be a fellow human whose agenda is not to fleece another. Genuinely offer help to your potential clients by advising them right and being honest. If you think a particular job cannot be done within the budget and timeframe they have in mind, let them know. There is no harm in telling the client “you can’t do it” but “you will try your best” to do it.

6. Know how to take a no

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When the client says no, take it with dignity. It is not a commentary on the quality of your work but the kind of fit you two are. If the client is not telling you no explicitly out of awkwardness and you have sensed it, thank them for considering you. Always complete the conversation with the client and complete it on a happy note. Just so the client remembers to call you in case they think of working with you.

We hope these tips help. We will keep sharing more tips just so you can always be the better version of yourselves and get all the help you need from Omnibiz for your business to flourish. 

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