An employee needs to feel valued in an organization. Whether it is from the constructive feedback they get on their work or the fact that the organization remembers the days that are important to them to make them feel special. The season of holidays is just as important. Thoughtful and useful corporate gifts make for interesting conversation pieces as well as make the employee feel extremely valued.

Do not go for the run of the mill gifts this season for your employees and consider these 9 innovative gifting ideas!

Gourmet Food Baskets

Food baskets are a hit always with everyone. Christmas and holidays are all about letting yourself go a little with food. Cookies, chocolates and wonderful snacks are all a part of the festive spirit. What is best is that with a food basket you will find something that everyone will love! Some things you can add to a food basket are cakes, cookies, brownies, chocolates, candies, wine/whiskey, and some interesting gear like a diary and a pen.

Personalized Drinking Gear

Whether it is a wine opener or a coaster, you can personalize drinking gears and gift it to your employees. Other ideas include engraved wine bottles or engraved wine glasses. Quirky shot glasses are also a fun choice for a gift!

Desk Plants

Desk plants are a healthy and beautiful gift. If employees do not wish to keep them at their office desks, they can take them home and place them anywhere. Because of their size, they occupy less space and can be placed anywhere at home. Plants that create an ambiance of healthy breathing spaces or are easy to maintain are a good gifting option. You can also have the pot/plant holders personalized.

Bath Baskets

Bath baskets for his and hers are usable and leave your employees feeling pampered. Go for products made by natural ingredients along with spa/salon vouchers if you have the budget. It is also a very comprehensive bath basket that takes care of their well being.

Club Memberships

Help them get a start on their resolutions! Offer them club memberships for their health that have multiple branches and are accessible to the employees. Best way to go for a membership is to give them one that is close to the office and has multiple branches.

Desk Organizer

Desk organizers are a useful gift for employees to stay organized and updated. It also makes them better at their work and helps them to stay on top of their to-do list. Desk organizers can also be personalized and make the desk of employees look great!

Travel Baskets

Traveling is going to be on the top of the list of almost every employee. Gift them a travel basket that helps them when they travel. You can personalize the travel baskets and add items like passport holders, neck pillow, eye mask, travel sized toiletries etc.

Still need more ideas? Call the experts registered on Omnibiz and ask for their advice. They will not only suggest an awesome choice for a corporate gift but also suggest ideas that are within your budget. You can also get branded merchandise that serves the purpose of a gift as well as a great branding opportunity for you.


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