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Dreaming is the first step taken by future entrepreneurs and it is this dream that needs to be shown the right direction. We at Omnibiz, are committed to helping small business owners, dedicated entrepreneurs and established businesses so that they keep going. Moving forward in the direction of a steady and healthy growth that helps get customers diligent business owners and excellent customer service.

So what are the next steps post dreaming? Once you have realized what you want to do, how do you actually do it? There is plenty of information available on the internet and with your fellow entrepreneurs and peers, but how do you filter the relevant information and use it to your advantage?

First things first, you need to establish your dream as a new business that is officially, legally and logistically recognized for its existence. We are here to tell you 6 Essential Things You Need to Start a New Business:


Planning is extremely crucial to realizing the dream. You need to have a business plan in place along with an understanding of the political, economic and financial factors of the market you are launching your organization/business in. You also should have research with regard to the customers base, your competitors and the important platforms you can invest in for steady growth. For instance, registering with platforms like Omnibiz helps you to get the desired marketing and potential customers without a sound investment. In the early stages of your business, be careful about the choice of your investment.


Registering your organization as part of the African Government mandate is extremely vital to function and also make use of the benefits of the business ecosystem of Africa. The professionals on Omnibiz can help you with the entire registration process from the documents needed, to filing and the trademarks needed. Having an in house CA helps to keep these matters in check, along with filing taxes for your company regularly and function ethically.

Business Loan

There is an old saying-“Money gets you money”. You have to invest in your business for it to be able to generate the revenue that you foresee. It is important to demarcate the types of funding that are needed for your business to function. Whether it is your own seed money, funding from an organization or venture capitalist or a business loan, the decision should be made keeping in mind the long term consequences of each. We advise a risk assessment with the help of a professional and applying for a loan through a reliable agent, such as those on Omnibiz. 

Real Estate

An office is a space that needs to be away from your home. Where minds can function, stay professional and collaborate together. You may think of it as an expense in the beginning and plan to work out of the home. After all, Microsoft started in a garage! But do not be disheartened. Find a reliable agent through Omnibiz to get the best rate for an office space that you can afford!


Apart from money, what another vital resource can you think of for realizing your dream? People who believe in your dream. You need to hire the human resource who believe in a startup as opposed to a cushy established organization with job security. You need motivated individuals who fit the profile that you should draw as part of your business plan. Smaller resources include setting up the office space with devices that help you in the day to day functioning. Like water facilities, laptops, billing devices, departments, internet set up, video conferencing etc.


Again an important and yet ignored aspect of starting a business. You need to have the basic marketing collaterals in place for your business to prosper. How would your potential clients and customers identify your business? Through your logo, your website, your visiting cards, the marketing collaterals of your organization. You may not have to invest in every aspect, but there are certain vital aspects that should be in place to reflect your professionalism and seriousness as a business. Try the professionals at Omnibiz to help you with a number of services.

We wish you all the luck to realize your dream. Once you have these things in place do not forget to register with us to get a head start! Do not go by our word, check out the thousands of professionals who are a part of the Omnibiz family and have benefitted from our platform. Keep dreaming. Keep doing.




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