Time is a valuable resource in the impatient world that we live in. This is particularly true for small businesses and start-ups who have too many things to achieve in too little time. We shared with you some quick ways to break the ice with your customers and also shared 6 ways to follow up with your leads for a conversion. While they help you to begin and end, what do you need to do before you begin responding to leads?

Omnibiz’s algorithm matches you with potential leads who get your information as soon as they post a query on the website. If you do not get in touch with the leads within the first 30 minutes of getting their information and waiting for them to call, you are running a high risk of losing a potential customer.

Why does the lead response time matter at all?

Let us just put it this way. If your time is valuable, so is your customer’s. The longer you take to contact them for a quote or to inquire about the job, the less likely they are to pick you. Studies have shown that more than 70% of the potential customers buy services from the first responder. That’s how organizational consequence can be if you give precedence to making coffee for yourself over contacting the customer first. That is the risk and it is just not worth it.

So the question now is how, do you develop a system in your organization for quick response time?


Getting leads from Omnibiz is not really a problem of frequency of leads, but managing them. It is important to monitor each and every lead that you get and study the requirements quickly. More often than not, the requirements can be standardized and you can prepare demo templates for your team to get in touch with the potential customer as fast as possible.

Assign personnel

Dedicated personnel to contact the potential customer ensures that the contact happens fast. If the customer has taken the effort and the pain to answer the questions on the website to get a job done, they are looking at individuals who connect with them as fast as possible. It also communicates a sense of dedication and respecting timelines.


One way to get on to the immediate contact bandwagon is to automate the process. You can have a few ready templates to contact your customer via email, message or a chat platform.

An example of a template is, “We have received your query from Omnibiz and will contact you soon. We hope to deliver your requirements in the best way possible. Kindly allow us some time to get back to you.”

You can customize the template by keying in the name of the potential customer while you send the message/email.

Align sales and marketing

You will be surprised to know the number of organizations struggling to get their teams aligned. Even if they sit under the same roof often there is no easy flow of information between multiple teams. It is extremely important for your sales and marketing team to be aligned to reduce lead time and much more.

Three ways to do that:

1. Job Shadowing

You do not understand the position and the situation of the other person unless you walk in their shoes. One day of the month, focus on activities that help the teams walk in each other’s shoes. Once they understand the job of the other team, it is easier to respect their time and the need for information flow.

2. Shared workspace

The marketing and sales team should be seated together if they already are not. Do not segregate your sales team in one corner and your marketing team in another. Let the two team members mix so that they connect at a personal level too.

3. Team bonding 

Introduce team bonding exercises/sessions and excursions where the two teams intermingle. A company game/match or a picnic can go a long way!

We hope these tips help. We would love to hear your feedback on such blogs that are aimed to provide you with information that helps to grow your business.


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