“Sales is like a box of chocolates, you cannot just have one”, after all, you have spent all this time and energy to get the customers to trust in you. It takes years of practice to attain perfection in the services you are offering and passion to only get better with time. At Omnibiz, we recognize this passion and effort and believe it needs to be rewarded. Rewarded by customer leads who give you business and help you grow. Reward you with marketing through website listing, TV spots, blogs etc. so customers get to know you better. Reward you with business tips that help.

So here is a business tip- Do not ignore the after sale activities. Apart from keeping in touch with your customers and providing them with the after-sale service, what else is there? We are here to tell you 3 Things You Should Not Ignore After a Job Well Done!

Rate EVERY lead

Just like a customer identifies a better business via the ratings and reviews that are visible on the professional’s profile, it works for professionals as well. That is, rating the customers and leaving feedback for others on the platform. Sharing your favorable (or unfavorable) experience with others helps them to act better and ensure that the efforts they put into a job are fruitful. It also helps Omnibiz to identify genuine customers who can be matched with great professionals for good business experience.

Marking your accomplishments

If you are getting hired every time you are sent a lead via Omnibiz and not marking it on your profile, believe us your hiring frequency will get affected. Imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. If you find a professional’s profile that reflects that he/she is being hired often, you will want to trust that professional to do your job well. Your hiring frequency lends the credibility of approval by customers on your profile and only fuels your hiring rate. The more times you get hired and trusted by a potential customer, the more people would want to hire you.

Verify Leads

We at Omnibiz endeavor to provide genuine customer leads to our professionals just so we do not waste their valuable time. While it is an easier process to verify professionals as they have the credentials and supporting documents, it is not easy for us to verify each and every person who logs on to the website and types in a request for a service. We rely on our professionals to help us identify genuine registered customers so we only match them with the professionals. Adding contact details of verified leads, that is customers who have hired (and paid) you help more professionals like you. It also helps us to become a better platform. We are also able to re-market these verified leads with relevant promotional campaigns so they hire professionals like you again and give you repeat business.

The 3 ways suggested above not only help you but many professionals like you. Omnibiz has made this platform to build a community of hardworking professionals who are rewarded for their sincerity and hard work. Help us help you and make this platform even better!

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