3 Things You Should Not Ignore After a Job Well Do...

“Sales is like a box of chocolates, you cannot just have one”, after all, you have spent all this time and energy to get the customers to trust in you. It takes years of practice to attain perfection in the services you are offering and passion to only get better with time. At Omnibiz, we

30 min or Less: How to Develop a Quick Response Ti...

Time is a valuable resource in the impatient world that we live in. This is particularly true for small businesses and start-ups who have too many things to achieve in too little time. We shared with you some quick ways to break the ice with your customers and also shared 6 ways to follow up with

The 7 Insurance Policies you must get in Nigeria

Did you know that there are seven compulsory insurance policies in Nigeria? Yes, the Federal Government has made it compulsory for every individual and business in the country to be protected by a few insurance policies. Here at Omnibiz, we’ve helped you put together a list. Motor Third-Party Insurance People who have been caught by law

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