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Happiness is…Delivering it on Time

The second blog in the series, this time we have Mr. Lekan from Zenith Carex International Limited sharing his idea of it. Incorporated on the 1st November 2002, Zenith Carex International Limited has come a long way in these 16 years. A nearly two decade of existence comes with its fair share of happiness and

7 Best Questions to Break the Ice With Your Potent...

Talking to a potential customer can be daunting. What are the questions you should be asking? How do you break the ice? How do you even get the customer to listen to you and take you seriously? Before you get intimidated by these questions, keep this in mind. The customer is already interested in you

6 Ways to Follow Up With Your Leads For a Conversi...

Here is a true story. Recently a friend wanted to remodel her bathroom completely. It was going to be for the long haul and needed the works. She got in touch with 5 contractors to do the job including a friend who was in the same business. Only 4 called back to set appointments and

Happiness is….A Relaxing Beauty Spa

How many of you have come across the internet memes of “happiness is”?. All of us are looking for happiness, a sliver of hope that brings a smile to our faces. For some, it may be the extra hour with our loved ones and for others, a promotion. For Ms. Helen Gbinigie from Family Affairs Beauty

Omnibiz Masterclass 01: How you can Convert Leads ...

Something that has been of major importance to companies and businesses, is identifying who the rightful customers are, and then deciding how to reach out and communicate with the prospective customers (commonly known as leads), and finally convert them into customers. Converting leads into customers can be an intimidating task. A lot of times, companies

What Comes After Ending the Call With Your Potenti...

As it turns out, a good call with a customer is only the half battle won. There is a lot more to converting a potential customer to a customer for life. We told you about the things you should consider before you even scout for a customer in a blog and also told you about

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