Phones are almost next to air in the world right now. These days, people nearly bond with their phones more than they bond with other humans. You might be able to go without food for a whole day but can’t be without your phone for an hour.

Phone repairs happen quite often. Phones naturally develop faults after a period of time, mainly from misuse. With a faulty phone, the next thing is to find a place to get the phone repaired well at a good price, unless you have money to shell out for a new phone every time your phone develops a fault.

Most commonly, it is a broken screen that is a problem. Here is how much it really costs to replace your phone screen.

Lagos is a big city. Just like most big cities, there are almost a thousand businesses offering the same services and products. There are several places in Lagos for phone repairs. However, the popular places are in Ikeja, Victoria Island and Oshodi. With all these options, it might be hard to decide where to repair your phone. We will gladly help you out – these are some factors to consider in choosing a phone repair spot:


This is extremely important. It is more convenient to pick a repairer close to your home, office or school. As previously stated, Lagos is a big city. Basically, you need to have easy access to the repairer. If you are separated by a bridge or two, you might want to consider another option. You don’t want to sit in three-hour traffic just to pick or drop off your phone. Even after dropping off your phone to be fixed, you might need to visit the store to track the repair process. Giving your phone to a repairer that is far away from you means you may not have the time to visit the vendor as often as possible.

Use VConnect to find mobile phone repairers near you


Unless your phone requires you to buy a new part, phone repairers usually charge varied rates. For example, if you need to change your screen, the screen will have a fixed price. Meanwhile, if you don’t need to replace any part, the repairer will charge you for workmanship. If you have a budget, stick to it. If the repairer does not have a price list, bargain till the price works for you. This is Nigeria, you can negotiate your way from N50,000 to N5,000. Have fun!



You need to find out who is known for fixing phones well. Who has a good track record?

Referrals are very helpful. Once a person is good, the word gets out quickly from satisfied customers. If you know someone who knows someone, who knows some other person who got their phone fixed well, ask where they got it fixed. You can also look out for reviews on phone repairers. Take note of people who are well rated with regards to your type of phone and problem.  If someone fixed a Samsung S10 screen well, and your Nokia Lumia has water damage, look for someone who fixes or has fixed a Nokia Lumia.

Once you figure out your selection criteria, it is easier to decide where to fix your phone. We did some research and selected ten places in Lagos to get your phone fixed:

There are fraudulent people everywhere. Some people do not have the skills they claim to have mastered. The outlets listed below are physical; they have offices you can always return to if something goes wrong.

  1. RepairMe Service Centre 18, Otigba Street, Computer Village Ikeja Lagos, Ikeja Club, Ikeja, Lagos

  2. CPR Cell Phone Repair 69, Admiralty Way, Lekki Estate Phase 1, Eti Osa, Lagos, Nigeria

  3. Easyfix Technology Services Ltd, 13A, Shomoye Street, beside Skye bank, Computer Village Ikeja, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos

  4. Gadget Clinic 1, Akilo Street Off Oba Akran, IKEJA OBA AKRAN, Ikeja, Lagos

  5. FixNG Repair Services. Suite 24, No. 4, Adepele street, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos

  6. Marist Communication Ltd. 1, Oshitelu Street, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos

  7. RepairsHQ.  512 Road Junction,, Happy Life Plaza,, Festac Town102312, Lagos

  8. 3, Magodo G.R.A, Omole Estate Phase 2, Kosofe, Lagos

  9. Carlcare Service Centre: No.55, Kofo Abayomi Avenue, Apapa, Lagos State.

  10. DelsonsTech Nig. Ltd 13, Araromi Oke-ode Street, Iganmu, Surulere, Lagos.


Don’t forget to always keep tabs on the repair process and know what’s going on. Call in to check on the progress. If possible, visit the location to see things for yourself. It is not advisable to abandon your smartphone with a repairer. If your repair seems urgent and you give the repairer attention, you are more likely to get it quicker.

Try to limit the number of repairers who open up your phone. Too many people handling a phone can cause a major malfunction and even a total write-off beyond repair. It is important that you place your money in the hands of reliable and competent businesses to avoid regrets and losses. “Prevention is better than cure”.

If none of those businesses meet your demands, find the right phone repairer on VConnect.


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